About Us - History

Subsea Global Solutions is the globally formed corporation consisting of the assets and personnel of Miami Diver LLC, Miami Diver Panama, Miami Diver International, and Parker Diving Service LLC. With a dedicated staff situated globally, Subsea Global Solutions has revolutionized the methods of repair for ships and advanced the methodology used in underwater Marine Construction. After a decade of unprecedented productive growth, SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS companies are solidly positioned to present their unique and revolutionary methods for underwater ship repair and husbandry to customers under a single global banner and brand.

Our name serves to accentuate the shared values of the SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS companies. We are prepared to double down on our commitment to be "The One Global Source for Underwater Solutions".

With unified employee training and quality control standards in place, SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is fully prepared to the delivery of tested underwater repair techniques for ship propellers, thrusters, seals, Class approved wet welding and permanent shell plate repairs with cofferdams as well as cutting edge ship husbandry tools and methodologies. Whatever your underwater service repair needs may entail, SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS companies stand ready to provide you proven consistent underwater services wherever your vessel or worksite is located throughout the world.

SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS has been credited with many achievements over the years including the following:

TransHab - the world's first underwater inflatable habitat for underwater seal replacement. First accreditation for use by Blom and Voss Industries and Wartsila Corporation as Global Service Agents
Environmentally Friendly Equipment – Subsea Global Solutions has been a leading pioneer in the development of underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing equipment that is compliant to the toughest environmental regulations globally.
Flexible Tunnel thruster doors - Flexible Cofferdams for tunnel thruster repairs or extractions of compact design capable of being broken down and shipped as checked baggage on commercial airliners.
Wet Welding - First diving company to produce "A" class underwater weld procedures with six of the major Class Societies in all positions. First and ONLY DIVING COMPANY to produce an "A" class underwater butt weld and achieve accreditation from DNV-GL.