15 April 2013- Shaft Seal Repairs- Face Seals repaired with time to Spare!

Underwater shaft seal replacement is a vital in-service maintenance and repair process utilized by cruise line operators throughout the world.  As a recognized process approved by all major classification societies and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Subsea Global Solutions has developed a systematic process that manages the repair from start to finish.  Lip seals, Face type seals, and all other seal systems in-between Subsea Global Solutions has the repair alternative available for you.

DSC01557Recently, an OEM for Face Seals approached Subsea Global Solutions with a challenge.  How can we change a seal face, seal seat as well as the “built up” bellows assembly during a normal port stay for a cruise vessel?  Working together with the OEMs company’s experts, Subsea Global Solutions developed a detailed time line and procedure for this critical seal exchange.  With the time line and procedure established, the OEM and Subsea Global Solutions trained and demonstrated the time line and process in a dry workshop environment at the OEM’s manufacturing facility in Europe.  With OEM trained and certified diver / technicians, Subsea Global Solutions brought the seal assembly “home” and demonstrated the mutually developed process and time line in our newly established training center in The Netherlands.

Damaged Face SealJust recently while cruising in the Middle East, Subsea Global Solutions exchanged a face seal, face seat and bellows assembly on a popular cruise ship using this advanced repair procedure.  With equipment and personnel staged in the port prior to the execution of the work and gear already on-board the vessel and prepared for work, Subsea Global Solution’s team swam into action.  Access to the seal assembly was available within hours of the vessel’s arrival.  The carbon arc gouging system used by Subsea Global Solutions allowed the rope guard to be removed cleanly and quickly without delay.  The seal assembly was disassembled completely wet WITHOUT flooding the stern tube or allowing stern tube lubricant from entering the pristine waters.  The seal face and seal seat was then successfully renewed.  Using a newly developed process, the entire bellows assembly was installed completely wet by Subsea Global Solutions.  With repair done, an in-water survey was completed and the vessel was returned to service 8-hours AHEAD of the time line and schedule originally prepared for the client.

From start to finish, Subsea Global Solutions maintains the critical assets to deliver unrivaled service.  We look forward to supporting your needs in the future.

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