17 April 2013- Rudder Cracks and Cavitation- A thing of the past with SGS!

photo-1During a routine UWILD inspection on a container vessel on the East Coast of North America Subsea Global Solutions identified a linear defect and cavitation erosion in the Rudder Pintle of a vessel causing the attending class surveyor to document a notation on this area of the vessel.  As the vessel was on a very tight schedule back to Europe, repairs could not be attempted during the same port call as the UWILD.  The vessel departed to Central Europe where Subsea Global Solutions attended again to execute the class approved repair.

DSC03955With the defect clearly identified by the professional diver / technicians from Subsea Global Solutions in Miami Florida, The Netherlands branch of Subsea Global Solutions attended the vessel with sufficient equipment and personnel to arrest the linear defect and properly restore the lost material back to its original dimensions.  The affected area was properly ground away until sufficient base metal was present to perform a quality weld.  Multiple passes were installed by the Diver / technicians in accordance with the weld design developed by our weld engineer.  Diver / technicians coded to Subsea Global Solutions’ “A” class wet welding procedures,performed the repair to the damaged pintle.  By utilizing code personnel to this high standard of underwater wet welding, the repair  was considered permanent by the attending class surveyor; thus lifting the notation previously associated with this defect.

The vessel departed Central Europe on schedule without delay.  From identification of the defect to the completion of the repair, Subsea Global Solutions truly lived up to its name sake.  We are our client’s trusted resource to deliver unrivaled service.  We remain standing by to support your needs.

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