17 April 2013- Tunnel Thruster- Emergencies Happen- Fast Fixes do too!

Snap00069While supporting a top-side welding company performing some shell plate welding repairs with the fabrication and installation of a box type cofferdam on the West Coast of North America, Subsea Global Solutions was asked to investigate an oil sheen emanating from the bow area of the vessel.  The subsequent investigation found that the oil leakage originated from one the vessel’s two bow thrusters.  With the vessel immediately subject to local regulatory rules and environmental regulations and an immediate condition of class, the vessels owners and operators required professional support to rectify this situation.  As experts in underwater repair and exchange of tunnel thrusters Subsea Global Solutions maintains a full compliment of factory trained and certified diver / technicians with extensive Tunnel thruster experience.

Snap00009Once armed with system and component drawings of the affected Tunnel Thruster, the engineering department of Subsea Global Solutions developed a repair plan that would temporarily eliminate the oil leakage and allow the vessel to continue cargo operations and transit to its next port of call.  Once approved by class and the local regulatory authorities Subsea Global Solutions sprung into action.

The tunnel thruster grates were removed using quickly and cleanly.  By cleanly cutting away the tunnel thruster grates, the same grates could be simply reinstalled at the conclusion of the repairs on the tunnel thruster lower gear box.  Once at the propeller hub of the tunnel thruster lower gear box the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions found that the piston connected to the propeller pitch control system had missing and broken bolts.  With this piston improperly seated in the propeller hub and potentially damaged inside the hub a specialized secondary cover plate needed to be fabricated.  Subsea Global Solutions accurately templated the affected area of the hub and sent that to engineering for development of a cover plate.  With a cross sectional view and information related to the internal build up of the propeller hub, engineering developed a properly designed cover flange and gasket  for installation.  Working through the night, a cover plate was fabricated so that it could be installed the next day by the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions.

Snap00015Within hours, the fabricated cover plate was installed and the system was pressure tested to an over pressure of 1 bar.  Once signed off by the attending class surveyor and by the local regulatory bodies, the tunnel thruster grates were re-installed and the vessel was prepared for departure.

From a simple phone call to investigate an oil leakage Thursday night to a vessel setting sail ON SCHEDULE SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A COMPLEX tunnel thruster repair was completed by Subsea Global Solutions.  We want to remain our clients trusted resource for maintenance and repair.  That means when you have an emergency we respond like its an emergency.  Subsea Global Solutions remains “the” definition of service.  Let us show you what we can do for you!

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