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25 April 2013- Welding repairs to rectify Class notations- NO PROBLEM for SGS

Rope guard weldingAfter completing an in-water survey in Antwerp, Belgium, Subsea Global Solutions was called upon to perform various weld and other repair work on a vessel performing cargo operations.  The in-water survey found that work was required to the vessels Rudder, seal assembly, rope guard, sea chests, Bilge keel and Bow Thruster gratings.  With a limited amount of time available to the vessel, Subsea Global Solutions mobilized sufficient qualified diver / technicians and certified diver / welders to support around the clock operations via multiple dive stations on the vessel.

DSC03516The rudder had severe cavitation to the vertical weld seams in the way of the leading edges on the port and starboard sides.  This required that the damage be ground away until base metal was present.  The seams were re-welded and built up using the Subsea Global Solutions’ “A” class wet welding procedures.  With a full compliment of Diver / Welders, fully employed and coded to these “A” class wet welding procedures, the work was performed effectively and efficiently.  With the weld seams restored a two-component epoxy was applied to complete the work.

Once the weld seams were fully restored, the diver / welders working on the aft section of the vessel moved forward.  Damage was found to the vessel’s seal assembly.  Plugs were missing and damaged seal housings needed to be repaired.  Once the repairs were completed to the seal assembly, the team focused on the restoring the missing rope guard.  With a new rope guard fabricated, Subsea Global Solutions welded in the new rope guard with the “A” class wet welding procedures.

DSC03517 With the team repairing the defects on the aft section of the vessel fully engaged, an additional dive team was mobilized to the forward section of the vessel to repair the bow thruster grating, repair damage to the sea chest as well as repair damage to the starboard bilge keel.  Tears and damaged sections of the bilge keel required to be removed since they consisted of tears and linear defects.  Over 3 meters of damaged bilge keel needed to be removed restored with a smooth transition and coated with a 2-part epoxy to maintain these critical services once the vessel went back into service.

Subsea Global Solutions is focused on delivering unrivaled service.  We are the trusted resource that clients turn to to keep their vessels maintained while in the water.  We maintain the right people and equipment available to meet your needs when required.

17 April 2013- Rudder Cracks and Cavitation- A thing of the past with SGS!

photo-1During a routine UWILD inspection on a container vessel on the East Coast of North America Subsea Global Solutions identified a linear defect and cavitation erosion in the Rudder Pintle of a vessel causing the attending class surveyor to document a notation on this area of the vessel.  As the vessel was on a very tight schedule back to Europe, repairs could not be attempted during the same port call as the UWILD.  The vessel departed to Central Europe where Subsea Global Solutions attended again to execute the class approved repair.

DSC03955With the defect clearly identified by the professional diver / technicians from Subsea Global Solutions in Miami Florida, The Netherlands branch of Subsea Global Solutions attended the vessel with sufficient equipment and personnel to arrest the linear defect and properly restore the lost material back to its original dimensions.  The affected area was properly ground away until sufficient base metal was present to perform a quality weld.  Multiple passes were installed by the Diver / technicians in accordance with the weld design developed by our weld engineer.  Diver / technicians coded to Subsea Global Solutions’ “A” class wet welding procedures,performed the repair to the damaged pintle.  By utilizing code personnel to this high standard of underwater wet welding, the repair  was considered permanent by the attending class surveyor; thus lifting the notation previously associated with this defect.

The vessel departed Central Europe on schedule without delay.  From identification of the defect to the completion of the repair, Subsea Global Solutions truly lived up to its name sake.  We are our client’s trusted resource to deliver unrivaled service.  We remain standing by to support your needs.

17 April 2013- Tunnel Thruster- Emergencies Happen- Fast Fixes do too!

Snap00069While supporting a top-side welding company performing some shell plate welding repairs with the fabrication and installation of a box type cofferdam on the West Coast of North America, Subsea Global Solutions was asked to investigate an oil sheen emanating from the bow area of the vessel.  The subsequent investigation found that the oil leakage originated from one the vessel’s two bow thrusters.  With the vessel immediately subject to local regulatory rules and environmental regulations and an immediate condition of class, the vessels owners and operators required professional support to rectify this situation.  As experts in underwater repair and exchange of tunnel thrusters Subsea Global Solutions maintains a full compliment of factory trained and certified diver / technicians with extensive Tunnel thruster experience.

Snap00009Once armed with system and component drawings of the affected Tunnel Thruster, the engineering department of Subsea Global Solutions developed a repair plan that would temporarily eliminate the oil leakage and allow the vessel to continue cargo operations and transit to its next port of call.  Once approved by class and the local regulatory authorities Subsea Global Solutions sprung into action.

The tunnel thruster grates were removed using quickly and cleanly.  By cleanly cutting away the tunnel thruster grates, the same grates could be simply reinstalled at the conclusion of the repairs on the tunnel thruster lower gear box.  Once at the propeller hub of the tunnel thruster lower gear box the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions found that the piston connected to the propeller pitch control system had missing and broken bolts.  With this piston improperly seated in the propeller hub and potentially damaged inside the hub a specialized secondary cover plate needed to be fabricated.  Subsea Global Solutions accurately templated the affected area of the hub and sent that to engineering for development of a cover plate.  With a cross sectional view and information related to the internal build up of the propeller hub, engineering developed a properly designed cover flange and gasket  for installation.  Working through the night, a cover plate was fabricated so that it could be installed the next day by the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions.

Snap00015Within hours, the fabricated cover plate was installed and the system was pressure tested to an over pressure of 1 bar.  Once signed off by the attending class surveyor and by the local regulatory bodies, the tunnel thruster grates were re-installed and the vessel was prepared for departure.

From a simple phone call to investigate an oil leakage Thursday night to a vessel setting sail ON SCHEDULE SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A COMPLEX tunnel thruster repair was completed by Subsea Global Solutions.  We want to remain our clients trusted resource for maintenance and repair.  That means when you have an emergency we respond like its an emergency.  Subsea Global Solutions remains “the” definition of service.  Let us show you what we can do for you!

15 April 2013- Shaft Seal Repairs- Face Seals repaired with time to Spare!

Underwater shaft seal replacement is a vital in-service maintenance and repair process utilized by cruise line operators throughout the world.  As a recognized process approved by all major classification societies and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Subsea Global Solutions has developed a systematic process that manages the repair from start to finish.  Lip seals, Face type seals, and all other seal systems in-between Subsea Global Solutions has the repair alternative available for you.

DSC01557Recently, an OEM for Face Seals approached Subsea Global Solutions with a challenge.  How can we change a seal face, seal seat as well as the “built up” bellows assembly during a normal port stay for a cruise vessel?  Working together with the OEMs company’s experts, Subsea Global Solutions developed a detailed time line and procedure for this critical seal exchange.  With the time line and procedure established, the OEM and Subsea Global Solutions trained and demonstrated the time line and process in a dry workshop environment at the OEM’s manufacturing facility in Europe.  With OEM trained and certified diver / technicians, Subsea Global Solutions brought the seal assembly “home” and demonstrated the mutually developed process and time line in our newly established training center in The Netherlands.

Damaged Face SealJust recently while cruising in the Middle East, Subsea Global Solutions exchanged a face seal, face seat and bellows assembly on a popular cruise ship using this advanced repair procedure.  With equipment and personnel staged in the port prior to the execution of the work and gear already on-board the vessel and prepared for work, Subsea Global Solution’s team swam into action.  Access to the seal assembly was available within hours of the vessel’s arrival.  The carbon arc gouging system used by Subsea Global Solutions allowed the rope guard to be removed cleanly and quickly without delay.  The seal assembly was disassembled completely wet WITHOUT flooding the stern tube or allowing stern tube lubricant from entering the pristine waters.  The seal face and seal seat was then successfully renewed.  Using a newly developed process, the entire bellows assembly was installed completely wet by Subsea Global Solutions.  With repair done, an in-water survey was completed and the vessel was returned to service 8-hours AHEAD of the time line and schedule originally prepared for the client.

From start to finish, Subsea Global Solutions maintains the critical assets to deliver unrivaled service.  We look forward to supporting your needs in the future.

6 Apr 13-Bigger the better- even in the cold European winter water! Underwater demountable Azimuthing Thruster exchange

Offshore vessels maintain a strong day rate; even in todays down shipping market.  Just like all waterborne vessels, they require maintenance and repair on occasion.  Since these vessels are of such high value, knowing exactly when they come out of service is sometimes at “spur of the moment” times when they have an unplanned moment of off-hire.  Subsea Global Solutions is available when and where required to meet these unplanned moments of need.   Since we maintain a fully employed work force of diver / technicians around the world, Subsea Global Solutions can mobilize quickly with qualified personnel to meet the needs each and every day.  With our in-house engineering department, onsite project management and known reputation of delivering excellence on each and every project we do, we remain the turn to client for time critical and technical equipment repair.

During the month of March, an offshore vessel found itself with a unique opportunity to perform critical maintenance and overhauls to its main propulsion thrusters.  This required the units to be demounted efficiently and safely so that a pier side machine shop could perform the necessary scheduled maintenance to the units.  As the units weighed over 60 metric tons a complete dive plan, job hazard analysis and communication plan was necessary to ensure a safe and efficient thruster exchange.

With only 5 days notice, the engineering department of Subsea Global Solutions worked together with the vessel management, subcontractors and port authorities to develop the installation specific dive plan, job hazard analysis and rigging plan to execute the work.  Concurrently the operations department within Subsea Global Solution’s office in The Netherlands mobilized the equipment and personnel to the location in anticipation of vessels arrival.  Once the vessel arrived, operations commenced immediately.   Working throughout the night, the main propulsion Azimuthing thruster was safely demounted in one long working shift.  Once top side the maintenance and repairs commenced.

Upon completion of the maintenance and repairs the unit was yet again installed within one working shift.  From notice to proceed to the completion of the work, Subsea Global Solutions supported all activities from initial planning to releasing the lines and watching the vessel depart back to the oil patch.  Redefining service each and every day; that is what the employees of Subsea Global Solutions do!

4-Apr-13- Even the Coast Guard sends out an SOS!- Underwater CPP Propeller repair

Sometimes even the Coast Guard needs help.  Just like any other vessel in the water, Murphy’s law applies, in times of need is when things tend to break!  That is the case of a CPP propeller on a Coast Guard vessel in the lower Caribbean.

While on patrol in the pristine lower Caribbean Sea, the propeller sustained damage.  Damage was found on all blades of the CPP propeller, which required exchange.  As the Coast Guard had spare blades available Subsea Global Solutions from Curacao mobilized to perform the underwater blade exchange.

Utilizing a process developed specifically for these types of propellers, all 4-propeller blades were exchanged in one working shift.  This required an efficient process of rigging, installing and re-torqueing of these blades.  Experts from the Coast Guard ensured everything was done in accordance with the approved procedure while they supervised the work.  With OEM trained diver / technicians readily available to support this repair in the Lower Caribbean and the right equipment on site Subsea Global Solutions efficiently executed this time sensitive and critical repair.

Keeping our Coast Guard off the coast and in the ocean is what Subsea Global Solutions is all about.  We remain available anywhere to support your needs.

4-Apr-13- The water is cold but the welding rods are hot! Hull fracture repair- Antarctic

Did you ever want to join an expedition to the Antarctic?  I am sure that the adventurous ones reading this edition of The Chronicles wishes they could enjoy an expeditionary cruise to the Antarctic.  Well, the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions never plan on seeing the underside of an expeditionary cruise vessel; especially while it was cruising the in extreme southern Atlantic ocean did you ever want to join an expedition to the Antarctic?  I am sure that the adventurous ones reading this edition of The Chronicles wishes they could enjoy an expeditionary cruise to the Antarctic.  Well, the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions never plan on seeing the underside of an expeditionary cruise vessel; especially while it was cruising the in extreme southern Atlantic ocean.

ND weld repair- weldingND weld repair- backbar welded

While cruising the southern hemisphere, a fracture was identified below the water line.  The crewinstalled temporary measures inboard to maintain the hull integrity until the expert diver / welders of Subsea Global Solutions could arrive on scene.  Once a repair location was identified in the vessel’s itinerary the client worked together with the Miami office of Subsea Global Solutions to move the necessary gear and personnel by private charter to the vessels next port of call.  Once on seen the diver / welders performed non-destructive testing (Magnetic Particle examination) to identify the extent of the fracture.  Once the ends were identified and drill stopped a backing bar was welded outboard of the vessel utilizing “A” class wet welding procedures.  Simultaneously the  team constructed a sufficiently sized cofferdam to encapsulate the affected area.  With the cofferdam installed, the fracture was ground out of the affected shell plate.  Magnetic Particle examination was again performed to ensure the entire fracture was removed.  Once confirmed, the affected area was welded up.  Non-destructive testing was again performed to assure no additional linear indications or defects were present in the repaired area or adjoining shell plate.  Once confirmed, the cofferdam was removed.  As an additional measure of safety, the backing bar was seal welded to the shell plate from the outboard side using coded wet welder / divers.  As the member companies of Subsea Global Solutions maintain “A” class hyperbaric wet welding procedures and diver / welders coded to these procedures, a consistent and strong weld was applied.

The vessel was returned back to service with no off-hire, loss of a port of call or delay in departure.  All work was completed within the vessel’s scheduled port stop.  Another adventure for the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions.  Diving in the pristine waters of the extreme southern Atlantic is a cold experience but a once in a lifetime dive for our team!  We not only delivered unrivaled service to our client, but also enjoyed some swim time with the Penguins!