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We have many customers we serve through our underwater fuel management program and on request we maintain their vessels worldwide in ports that are convenient and cost effective for them. Off course when one of their vessels experience issues with a thruster we immediately react to this emergency with our expertise. This particular cruise ship experienced pitching problems with her thruster. In the cruise business the thrusters are a necessary maneuvering tool and used on a daily bases. This unit took 4 times as long to pitch and made it more and more difficult to get the cruise ship in position. The team of experts from Subsea Global Solutions were called together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to the Singapore Cruise Center to go on board the vessel to explore the problem.

Singapore 1The Subsea Global Solutions supervisor made a plan with the owner and OEM on site to install Subsea Global Solution’s flexible door system to create a dry, hyperbaric working environment. This approach would allow a proper investigation to the reason of the malfunction and allow the team to execute a dry OEM approved repair. With a fully set up dive station on our work boat at the bow of the vessel the crew had easy access and did not interfere with any dockside operations of the vessel. After completing the installation of the system, the thruster was set dry and on the inside of the vessel the ship’s crew removed the oil. The closer examination of the problem could begin. Almost immediately after testing the pitching of the thruster, the problem was determined to be in the OD Box. Although this was an unexpected issue the OEM on site was completely prepared and carried all spare parts to repair the defect. The Subsea Global Solutions crew and OEM technician worked closely together in dismantling and re-assembling the box.  By maintaining OEM trained and certified personnel, Subsea Global Solutions is able to provide OEM approved and warranted repairs.

Singapore 3The final test of pitching showed the required results and the unit was put back into service without any delays to the vessels schedule. Another repair well done by the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions. The thruster tunnel was flooded with water, the door system removed, and the vessel was returned to service. Despite having to withstand heavy weather on the first day of the repair the Subsea Global Solutions crew could finalize and wrap up the job in the set time frame.

We serve our long time and new customers by being there whenever and how they need us. Whether it is regular maintenance or solving technical issues with our global network of underwater specialists our OEM trained and certified experts are there to make the impossible – possible EACH AND EVERY DAY!