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Africa-Here we come!

Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) has developed specialized methods of repair for ships that have been applied to vessels on a global basis.   These specialized types of repairs are not typically performed by diving contractors around the world and require innovative-engineered solutions with skilled and certified management and dive personnel.  While SGS maintains 7 offices throughout the world, with an 8th office to be announced shortly and over 100 fully employed diver / technicians, SGS is the market leader in specialized underwater ship repair.  Maintaining certification with all major classification societies at all of it’s facilities in AWS D3.6 “A” class wet welding techniques, maintaining a full time engineering staff including structural, weld and other engineering resources, SGS is able to maintain and continually pioneer specialized hyperbaric “dry” and “wet” repair procedures and equipment to support advanced underwater equipment repairs.  Through this spirit of invention, SGS maintains long-term agreements with major ship equipment suppliers and ship owners in various market segments.

Due to an increase in market demand for these types of advanced underwater repair solutions, SGS continues to expand it’s global foot print by qualifying strategic vetted partners who maintain the same focus on delivering unrivaled service, maintain personnel and equipment to the highest standard and are looking to form a strategic global partnership to work together on supporting “day to day” diving activities but also support advanced underwater vessel and equipment repair.

Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce it’s latest Vetted Partner, Subtech Group of Africa.  With eight (8) fully manned facilities along all coasts of Africa (West, East and South), Subtech Group is strategically located on the African continent with equipment and personnel to support the demands of ever growing customer base of Subsea Global Solutions.  Combining the local personnel and equipment with the expertise of Subsea Global Solutions’ skilled work force and specialized equipment will provide clientele with installations transiting the African continent with cost effective advanced underwater repair solutions not currently available throughout the African continent.

This unique partnership between the internationally renowned underwater ship repair company, Subsea Global Solutions with the Sub-Saharan African marine and sub-sea services leader, Subtech group provides unrivaled service to marine, offshore and other vessel operators throughout Africa.  Let us know what we can do for you.  We remain standing by to understand your requirements to service your marine installations on the African continent.

One ship, two complex repairs and one really happy client

In April 2013 a container vessel experienced water ingress into the stern tub and oil lost from its Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) blades seals. The client arranged an in water inspection and discussed the results with the experts of Subsea Global Solutions. Based on the findings, it was determined that the  CPP Propeller blade Palm seals and the Stern tube aft seal required replacement. Working together with the client the operations team of Subsea Global Solutions scheduled a class and OEM approved repair as soon as the vessel received all spare parts on board.

Working around the clock the stern tube aft seal was exchanged in a little over 48 hours.  Utilizing Subsea Global Solutions’  Transhab, an inflatable hyperbaric cofferdam, Subsea Sea Global Solutions’ factory trained and OEM certified diver / seal technicians completed the renewal of the aft seal in a completely climate controlled dry environment.  With this phase of the repair completed, the DSCN5865crew size was reduced to finish the replacement of the CPP Propeller blade Palm seals. The ship ballasted the stern out of the water so the prop was half out and the team changed the seals at the 12 o’clock position. Working together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer, the pitch oil system was isolated and prepared for the performance of an in water repair. With the system properly arranged the first propeller blade was released from the propeller hub. Once the blade was away, the team changed the seal, the seal ring and re-installed the propeller in accordance with the approved OEM and class approved procedure. The propeller blade bolts were then torqued to the proper settings and the same procedure was followed for the other blades.

Not long after the job was completed, the operations team at Subsea Global Solutions received an e-mail from the Technical Director of our client who witnessed the operations on site.   He stated “I enjoyed watching your team’s professional attitude, knowledge and kind of persuasive cool approach, i.e. “don’t worry & relax, we have seen it all and we are in control”, though still minding and respecting our specific needs at site.” To say the least, it is gratifying to read that we have DSCN5830delivered our services in line with our mission and vision by being your most valued and trusted resource through unrivaled service.

No job is too large and no job is too small for Subsea Global Solutions.  We value our relationships with our clients and aim to deliver.  This job exemplifies our depth and capabilities to deliver on time and approved results.  Subsea Global Solutions is the contractor on “speed Dial” on this clients phone.  Let’s demonstrate our capabilities to you!