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My Stabilizer sprung a leak!- Underwater Crux Seal exchange

DSC00126While cruising the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea, water ingress was reported on one of the vessel’s stabilizer fins.  After consultation with the equipment manufacturer it was determined that an in-water inspection and potential repair was required.  With no experience performing this type of repair underwater, the client and Original Equipment manufacturer turned to Subsea Global Solutions for support.  Mobilizing from our location in The Netherlands, Diver / Technicians arrived in Italy to closely inspect and repair the stabilizer crux seal package due to this leakage.

Initially the upper retaining ring to the stabilizer crux seal package was removed.  The first seal package was replaced underwater with spare parts found on board.  With the seal package properly installed and properly positioned, the retaining ring was reinstalled and torqued to manufacturer’s specifications.  The Inspection continued to the lower crux seal assembly.  Upon inspection, damage to the seal package was reported by the Diver / Technicians.  A portion of the first seal package was seen protruding past the retaining ring between the crux and retaining ring.  The lower retaining ring was removed, and the first seal package was removed.    After removing the first seal package an abnormality was seen by the diver / technicians so more seal rings were removed.  All seals were removed and it was determined that the #4 last hard seal split ends were overlapping rather than being flush.  This defective seal was removed, and cut to the proper length.  With the seal properly installed, the diver / technicians replaced the remaining seals.  With all seal packs properly installed the lower retaining ring was reinstalled and torqued to the Manufacturers specifications.  The vessel continued on it’s voyage without any interruption to the schedule with it’s crux seal leakage repaired!

Subsea Global Solutions again delivers unrivaled service.  Considering the fact that the Original Equipment Manufacturer never before performed a repair of this magnitude underwater, we have developed yet another new process of repair.  With our in-house engineering and experienced operations teams available 24 / 7, developing unique installation specific repair procedures is business as usual.  This client and Original Equipment Manufacturer continue to enjoy the quality and dedication to serve of each and every member within the Subsea Global Solutions’ team.  Let us demonstrate to you what we can do!

Tunnel thruster out – Tunnel thruster in- All in a day’s work!

Carnival Magic-Aug 201325Subsea Global Solutions remains focused on delivering unrivaled service to its clients around the world.  When cruise vessels require underwater equipment maintenance and repair, our team of highly skilled diver / technicians dive into action to support their needs.  While keeping the vessel in service Subsea Global Solutions followed a detailed time line in order to exchange a damaged tunnel thruster lower gear box before the vessel reached a location requiring it’s use.

Carnival Magic-Aug 201334Working from the vessel’s shell lock door, Subsea Global Solutions set up the mobile dive station  and equipment while at sea one day prior to the start of operations.  Once in the first port of call, the diver technicians dove into action.  Preparatory operations began with the installation of load rated pad eyes at strategic locations along the ships hull and inside the thruster tunnel.  All Welding was done by coded “A” class wet welders under Subsea Global Solutions’ class approved wet welding procedure.  In parallel, other diver / welders began the weld installation process of rigging equipment for Subsea Global Solutions Flex door system.  The Flex door system allows our team to “dewater” the thruster tunnel and create a dry environment for underwater service.  In parallel to underwater operations, diver / technicians worked together with other contractors and the ship’s crew to rig the electrical motor off of the thruster motor foundation, prepare the tunnel thruster for underwater demounting and preliminarily installed the internal cofferdam “The Dome”.  With preparatory work completed, the extraction process began.

Carnival Magic-Aug 201332Subsea Global Solutions began the extraction process by gouging away the tunnel thruster stay plate utilizing a carbon arc gouging system.  In parallel, underwater and internal rigging was installed on the tunnel thruster lower gear box.  In the thruster room, the diver / technicians removed the thruster mounting bolts.  The stay plate was then completely cut and removed.    The thruster lower gear box was rigged away from the thruster tunnel.  A new exchange tunnel thruster was prepared by the OEM representative on site for installation by Subsea Global Solutions.  Shortly after the old thruster was extracted a new tunnel thruster was installed.  Welding immediately commenced on the tunnel thruster strut plate in the thruster tunnel using the “A” class wet welding process.  In parallel, the diver / technicians properly torqued the tunnel thruster bolts into place.  Next, the diver / technicians installed the flex door system for the installation of the tunnel thruster blades.  With all of the blades properly installed, the tunnel thruster pressure test and completely installed, the thruster stay plate was fully welded, the rigging pad eyes and flex door rigging system was extracted and the tunnel thruster was prepared for final testing and operation.

From start to finish, Subsea Global Solutions was the trusted resource for the vessel.  Ensuring the cruise vessel remained in service and on schedule keep the passengers focused on their vacation as opposed to the ship!  We appreciate the trust instilled with us by our dedicated and loyal customer base.  We remain standing by to support you, our clients, anywhere any time!


SSA Flexible cofferdamLast month Subsea Global Solutions was contacted by a ship owner since one of their vessels exhibited issues with pitching her bow thruster propeller. As we considerable experience solving these types of problems, the client made the call for us to dive into action. A team of experts from Subsea Global Solutions together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) examined the problem in the most convenient harbour for the customer.

In the port of Livorno Italy all parties came together and quickly started to diagnose the problem with the tunnel thruster controllable pitch propeller.  Subsea Global Solutions installed its flexible door system to create a dry, hyperbaric working environment. This platform allows a thorough inspection to be performed in a dry climate controlled environment and allows the team to execute a dry OEM approved repair.  While Subsea Global Solutions was performing the outboard preparatory steps to set the thruster dry on the inboard of the vessel the ship’s crew removed the oil and blanked the thruster piping in accordance with the Subsea Global Solutions’ repair procedure.  The inspection revealed that metal particles were present at the bottom of the gearbox. In order to identify the cause of this, the OD box, pitch indicator and linkage were dismantled. Shortly it became obvious a loose and damage shaft extension needed to be replaced.  With new parts on hand, a successful installation of a new shaft extension was performed by the Subsea Global Solutions crew.  The results were found within limits and the repair was completed to the satisfaction of the attending OEM technician.

Singapore 1Keeping the vessel on schedule, the thruster filled with oil again, the tunnel flooded with water and the flexible door system removed. Subsea Global Solutions team of experts remained on site until the very last test of pitching showed the required results; ensuring that the vessel would go back into service without any issues.

Subsea Global Solutions, yet again, supported all activities from initial planning to releasing the lines and watching the vessel depart. We look forward to supporting your needs in the future.


Improved services in Trinidad

 Miami Diver International N.V., Waterworld in Trinidad7A subsidiary of Subsea Global Solutions, is specialized in underwater ship maintenance and repair. We have been performing underwater services in Trinidad for years now. To compliment our crew and equipment already in Trinidad ready to attend vessels off shore 24/7, we are proud to announce that our workboat Waterworld has arrived in Trinidad this month and is available for our operations in Trinidad.

DSC094952The Waterworld is a diving support vessel and crew boat 25.5 meters in length. She is fitted with all necessary diving equipment and other specialized gear to support our operations in the region. She also has sufficient accomodations to allow our crew to stay comfortably overnight. This means Miami Diver can attend vessels and stay on site around the clock until the job is finished. No mobilization needed at the beginning and end of every day, loosing valuable dive time. This added mobility allows Miami Diver to work under higher standards and have faster response time to keep your valuable vessels and floating assets in operation. Miami Diver with the Waterworld in Trinidad can take care of all the simple and complex underwater maintenance or repairs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the near future!  You may contact us at or call our office at +599 (9) 465 6633 to schedule support in Trinidad.