Monthly Archives: December 2013

Tunnel Thrusters out; Tunnel Thrusters in…. All in a days work

DSC03199Over the past month Subsea Global Solutions has been the company of choice for several vessel operators to perform tunnel thruster exchanges and repairs on their vessels around the world.   Two (2) in-place tunnel thruster repairs were performed in central Europe and two (2) tunnel thruster exchanges were also performed in Europe.  In addition to these four (4) tunnel thruster repairs in Europe, two (2) tunnel thruster exchanges were performed on cruise vessels remaining in service in the Caribbean.  Utilizing a proven process that consistently delivers top quality and on-time completion performance Subsea Global Solutions remains on the fore-front of the performance of these types of repairs.

SSA Flexible cofferdamDuring the execution of the repair services on these Tunnel Thrusters, Subsea Global Solutions’ team of Diver / Technicians utilized our flexible door system to create a dry hyperbaric environment in the tunnel thruster tunnel in order to execute Class and Original Equipment Manufacturer approved repairs.  This safe and efficient process allows our Diver / Technicians to perform the work in a clean and controlled environment completely underwater without trimming of the vessel.  In fact, all work was performed while cargo operations was taking place; thus avoiding any off-hire or schedule delays for the vessels.  Being the diving contractor for the Original Equipment Manufacturer in these cases, the work was completed with a fully backed OEM warranty.  As the trusted resource for underwater services, Subsea Global Solutions delivered a fully warranted repair on time without issues or delays.

DCIM100GOPRODuring the execution of the tunnel thruster exchanges, Subsea Global Solutions’ teams of experts utilized one of two methods during the tunnel thruster exchange; a dry hyperbaric method or a wet method of tunnel thruster exchange.  The dry hyperbaric method included the use of Subsea Global Solutions’ flexible dry doors in order to create a dry hyperbaric environment to demount the tunnel thruster lower gear box.  The wet method of tunnel thruster exchange included the use of DCIM100GOPROan OEM patented tool that was created together with Subsea Global Solutions as part of our OEM partnership.  Both methods of tunnel thruster exchange were performed over multiple port stays in order to ensure the work could be completed without delays or taking the vessel out of service.

From planning to execution and finally to reporting, Subsea Global Solutions demonstrated its commitment to quality and service.   We will deliver unrivaled service.  We remain available to support your needs at any time, anywhere around the world.  Please feel free to contact us if you require our support.