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What No Cofferdam?- Class approved Underwater Wet Welded Groove Welds

DIGITAL IMAGESubsea Global Solutions is proud to announce that it has recently qualified more underwater wet welding procedures.  Subsea Global Solutions has qualified procedures for groove welds, meeting the Class A requirements of the American Welding Societies specification AWS D3.6M:3010 – Underwater Welding Code. The welding of the test plates was witnessed by Lloyd’s Register, who also issued the certificates approving the procedures. At the same time Subsea Global Solutions qualified 8 welder divers to the groove welding procedures.  Subsea Global Solutions continues to lead the way in the industry by qualifying it’s personnel and processes to these stringent wet welding requirements.  These additional procedures are added to our already existing Class approved Class “A” fillet wet welding procedures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClass A wet welds meet the visual acceptance criteria, Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE), and are comparable in regards to the mechanical properties as to welding performed top side under dry conditions.  This is the highest quality wet welding available today in the industry.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeveral test plates were welded in Subsea Global Solution’s training center located in Miami, Florida, USA by welder divers from all Subsea Global Solution’s member companies Parker Diving Service, Miami Diver LLC and Trident BV.



DSCN1321 - CopyAdding these class approved procedures to our service portfolio allows us to remain the trusted resource to deliver unrivaled service.  With these approvals in hand Subsea Global Solutions can perform more complex and challenging underwater wet weld repairs with class supervision.  Send us your inquiry and we can prepare a repair procedure for class consideration.  We remain available to evaluate the options available for your vessels.  Please feel free to contact us with questions on how this could apply to you.