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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo one ever plans to perform shaft seal repairs to their vessel.  These failures typically happen at the most inopportune time and in the most remote locations.  While a vessel was transiting in the South Pacific, issues with the shaft seal developed.  Subsea Global Solutions was immediately put on alert together with the seal manufacturer.  Under consultation from the seal manufacturer and considering the location of the vessel it was decided to perform an inboard temporary repair to allow the vessel to transit to a suitable location to perform a permanent shaft seal replacement.  With this temporary repair in place the vessel transited back to the North American West Coast where Subsea Global Solutions’ West Coast office attended the vessel while it performed cargo operations.  Subsea Global Solutions deployed one of its dozen Transhab flexible hyperbaric cofferdams specifically designed to create a dry hyperbaric environment around the shaft seal system.  Due to the unique design of this particular vessel’s stern tube, the engineering department at Subsea Global Solutions created a unique adapter flange to accommodate this Transhab fit up.  Since the Transhab system is completely independent of the sealing system it allows a complete shaft seal replacement, housing replacement, liner replacement and even a shim installation or removal; all done in a dry hyperbaric environment.

09 oil passage hole blocked - air testOnce the TransHab was installed the seal area was “de-watered” and a Original Equipment Manufacturer approved seal replacement was performed by certified and trained diver technicians.  Seal replacement included the replacement of all of the lip seal rings utilizing an approved dry hyperbaric bonding method.  Subsea Global Solutions is the only underwater service contractor that consistently trains annually with this seal manufacturer and maintains diver technicians certified to service and bond new shaft seals in a dry hyperbaric environment.  By maintaining diver technicians fully employed with this high level of training, Subsea Global Solutions together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer can provide a full factory warranty on this seal replacement.

Once the shaft seal was replaced the rope guard was welded back into place utilizing the “A” class wet welding procedures developed by Subsea Global Solutions and are class society approved.  By utilizing coded divers to this procedure, the welding performed was considered permanent according to class thus eliminating any notations on this repair performed.

The vessel sailed away with a completely renewed shaft seal system with a minimal impact to its schedule.  This critical repair allowed the vessel to remain in service even though it had years ahead of it to it’s next scheduled dry docking event.

Subsea Global Solutions is your one source for global underwater service.  The Cornerstone of our success is our ability to put your needs first and foremost in  the solutions we develop.  We remain your trusted resource in and out of the water so please feel free to contact us at any time. in any one of our 10 locations globally!


Tunnel thruster repairs in the tunnel- UNDERWATER DURING CARGO OPS!

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h36m24s149Tunnel thruster repairs performed in the tunnel while a vessel remains in service has become the norm as opposed to the exception.  With the volatility in the markets, container ship as well as Cruise and Ferry customers have driven Subsea Global Solutions to develop pioneering solutions to tunnel thruster repairs in a dry environment completely underwater without taking a vessel out of service.  This includes the development of in-water repair solutions as well as in-water exchange solutions for all types of tunnel thrusters.

During this past month, Subsea Global Solutions permanently repaired 5 tunnel thrusters on vessels globally.  These permanent repairs were performed in dry hyperbaric environments utilizing the Subsea Global Solutions flexible hyperbaric door system.

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h14m44s209Recently Subsea Global Solutions was contracted by an Original Equipment Manufacturer to perform in-service warranty repairs to several of their tunnel thrusters on a series of affected container ship vessels.  Warranty repairs that were performed to the tunnel thruster included upgrades to the pitch control system, blade sealing systems and blade bolts.  Due to the extensive amount of work that was required and to ensure the vessel schedule was not affected, Subsea Global Solution’s West Coast North America office performed the work around the clock with two qualified teams of diver technicians.

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h19m32s8While the vessel remained along side performing cargo operations Subsea Global Solutions performed these in-water warranty repairs.  Within hours of the vessel’s arrival into port, the tunnel thruster grating system was cut away to attain access to the affected thrusters.  Utilizing Subsea Global Solutions “A” class wet welding procedures, our coded welder divers installed load bearing attachment points to the thruster tunnel.  Once properly installed, the Flexible Door system developed by Subsea Global Solutions was installed.  The thruster tunnel was “de-watered” and the diver technicians entered the thruster tunnel to begin work.

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h55m53s65CPP Propeller blade seals, blade shim plate installations, OD box repairs and pitch control pipe modifications were performed during these underwater interventions.  All work was completed within the required time frame allowing the vessel to leave port on it’s normal schedule.

Once the work was completed, the units were fully tested and grates re-installed utilizing the “A” class underwater wet welding procedures.  With the use of coded welder divers together with the class approved procedure, permanent installation of these grates was attained.

Delivering unrivaled service in and out of the water is the cornerstone of our business.  Delivering this service in a cost effective way with certified personnel and procedures is our service promise to you our valued clients.  We look forward to supporting your services globally when required.

Finned Propeller Boss Cap- Installed underwater during Cargo Operations!

P1020037 Achieving instantaneous fuel consumption savings sounds like magic right?  WRONG!  The installation of Finned Propeller Boss Cap systems have a proven track record of delivering a propulsion system efficiency improvement of between two and seven percent; based on current vessel design, propeller design and system installed.  Subsea Global Solutions has installed all types of these systems produced by all of the leading manufacturers.  Together with the original equipment manufacturers, Subsea Global Solutions develops complete repair procedures that detail exactly how the boss cap will be exchanged and re-installed with an OEM and class approved method; ANYWHERE AND ANY TIME.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASubsea Global Solutions has been the contractor of choice for several global shipping companies since we are able to provide ONE fixed price to perform the exchange of these Boss Caps in any one of our ten locations globally.  What this means is that if a vessel transits to Rotterdam, Italy, through the Panama Canal, Miami or even the West Coast of the USA, Subsea Global Solutions can exchange the Boss Cap with an approved method at a fixed schedule and price.

P1020040Over the past three (3) months, Subsea Global Solutions has installed 5 finned Propeller Boss Caps for one global container ship operator.  With their intention of installing them on their entire fleet, this client wanted a global service provider who could provide them with a fixed price and schedule so they could work with their charterers on planning these vessel performance improvements while at the same time they wanted to control the costs associated with this work.  Subsea Global Solutions has consistently delivered on our proposed schedule from multiple locations globally.  From start to finish, Subsea Global Solutions has consistently exchanged these units in 28 to 32 hours.  Since we have demonstrated our performance globally, this operator has committed several more installations of the finned boss cap systems.

Subsea Global Solutions is your one source for global underwater solutions.  We consistently deliver quality services globally with our dedicated pool of professional and focused diver technicians.  We look forward to working with you on your efficiency initiatives globally!

Propeller Polishing and Hull Cleaning- Europe, North America, Brazil and the Caribbean

SGSMIAMI-JUNE2014Subsea Global Solutions is driven in everything we do in and out of the water.  With this being said, we continue to grow our foot print with wholly owned assets and locations around the world.  In addition to setting up our own stations globally, we continue to invest in the development and testing of our equipment to ensure the highest quality of service with minimal to no impact to the most sensitive Hull Coatings.

SGS-Italy-01SGS-Spain-01As reported earlier, Subsea Global Solutions has grown it’s global foot print in the Caribbean (Trinidad), South America (Brazil) and Europe (Spain and Italy) over the past 12 months.  We have invested in the permanent stationing of world class equipment, staffing of full time employees and the incorporation of state of the art processes to ensure our clients can receive consistent and reliable service from the “One Source for Global Underwater Solutions” through our own wholly owned network of global locations.

IMG_5115Remaining on the fore front of the development of advanced techniques to improve our service,  Subsea Global Solutions has developed processes to improve propeller polishing and Hull Cleaning.  As reported earlier this year, Subsea Global Solutions developed a unique process to evaluate the propeller surface finish and apply a sequential polishing process to achieve a Super Polish on the propeller blades (4 times better than Rupert “A”).  Additionally, Subsea Global Solutions remains the only global underwater ship maintenance provider that is continuing to develop equipment and certify their equipment with the newly formulated Friction Release Coatings (FRC) being offered for ship’s hulls by major coating suppliers.  Subsea Global Solutions has successfully completed performance tests HC test in Spain- May 2014with Jotun and Hempel.  We are preparing tests with International Paint on their latest coatings to be introduced to the market.  Lastly, we are active in the market place educating port authorities, developing port specific procedures and gaining approval for underwater Propeller and Hull Maintenance in locations that were previously closed to service.

Subsea Global Solutions is your secret to on time and on budget vessel operations.  Let us apply our global foot print and highly skilled work force to your vessels so you can get the most out of your maintenance budget without it GOING UP THE STACK!

SGS Solutions for Offshore Installations

DSC02012Making the impossible possible is just what we do each and every day at Subsea Global Solutions.  Thinking about how to develop innovative solutions requires us to work professionally in and out of the water.  During the past months, Subsea Global Solutions has been very busy supporting Offshore installations around the world.

Our services have included technical in-situ repairs of Thrusters, the exchange of thrusters as well as the execution of shell plate repairs to vessel hull’s in remote locations around the world.  In-Water Surveys and maintenance services including Hull Cleaning have been performed as well to the highest standards.  Due to the high value of Offshore vessels, any off-hire time or delays coming on hire are a big deal.  This requires unique and thorough repair procedures and time lines to be developed so that any maintenance or repairs performed have minimal or NO impact on operations.

DCIM100GOPROSometimes there is not enough time or spare equipment available to execute a tunnel thruster exchange.  With this being the case Subsea Global Solutions has created innovative methods of in-tunnel repairs.  During a recent wet dock event tunnel thruster shaft seals were replaced on several tunnel thrusters while the vessel remained afloat.  Utilizing the Subsea Global Solutions flex door system, a dry hyperbaric environment was created in the thruster tunnel; thus allowing factory trained diver / technicians to execute a permanent repair to the tunnel thruster lower gear box.  While this critical work was being performed underwater, the vessel’s operator were able to execute other work and vessel outfitting with no impact to it’s return date back to service.

Demountable Azimuthing thrusterEfficiently exchanging azimuthing thrusters requires coordination, good communication and a detailed plan.  Being Driven in Everything we do, Subsea Global Solutions created a precise plan for the exchange of azimuthing thrusters in-shore utilizing rig mounted cranes and other equipment.  By working closely with the client and manufacturer of the azimuthing thruster, Subsea Global Solutions effectively changed one thruster every 12 hours.  Focusing on Safety everyday ensures that everyone completes the job just like they started.  An incident free service equates to a happy client!


Subsea Global Solutions is your one source for Global Underwater Solutions.  We understand that time is money in the marine industry and we are always ready to serve your vessels; anywhere any time!