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Emergency Repairs- Propeller Removal with Vessel in Service

Picking Blade 8
Emergencies happen on vessels each and every day.  Cruise ship operators rely on the capabilities of Subsea Global Solutions to deliver unrivaled service.  While operating in the Caribbean, a cruise vessel detected deterioration of a critical bearing in one of it’s propulsion azimuthing thrusters.  Even with the thruster taken out of service, the windmilling of the propeller continued to deteriorate the bearing increasing it’s risk of complete failure.  To avoid a complete failure and to ensure the vessel remained in service, Subsea Global Solutions was called into to remove the built up propeller.

Working with the cruise ship operations staff, Subsea Global Solutions project management and operations staff evaluated the itinerary of the vessel and developed a port by port time line. Once approved, critical equipment was strategically placed in the necessary ports of call and work begun.

Subsea Global Solutions prepared the propeller for extraction.  This required that the epoxy fairing the propeller blade hold down bolts into the propeller to be completely extracted from the blade bolt holes.  This process required the epoxy to be hydro-blasted away completely using a specialized hydro-blaster specifically configured for this application.

4 Blades On Flat Bed-14In the next port of call blade extraction was performed.  Subsea Global Solutions placed all rigging into place so that blades could be efficiently extracted from the propeller and rigged on-shore.  Using a hydraulically configured ratcheting wrench configured for underwater applications, Subsea Global Solutions efficiently extracted all the blade bolts on each blade.  Blades were removed one-by-one to the surface and the azimuthing thruster was now free of any risk of continued bearing deterioration..

Throughout the entire process Subsea Global Solutions’ project management staff maintained time line communications with ship and operational management staff.  This ensured that the vessel could leave on time without impact or delay.

Subsea Global Solutions yet again demonstrates what unrivaled service is all about.  We do what you say when we say we’re going to do it!  We do it safely, efficiently and on-time.  This is what Subsea Global Solutions is all about and we look forward to working with you.

Permanent underwater wet welding repairs approved by DNV GL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADNV GL and Subsea Global Solutions LLC. are proud to announce that they have completed an extensive joint research and development program, that will allow permanent repairs to be carried out by underwater wet welding on certain areas of vessels. Subsea Global Solutions’ global network of coded welder divers will be available to perform these permanent repairs on a case by case basis utilizing this procedure in suitable locations throughout the world in accordance with the approvals given by DNV GL.

Over the last two and a half years, Subsea Global Solutions welded in excess of 80 groove weld test plates underwater at depth in their training facilities in Miami, Florida, Long Beach, California and Terneuzen, the Netherlands. The non-destructive and mechanical testing of the plates was performed at the DNV GL lab in Hamburg, Germany. All data collected was shared between SGS and DNV GL during this procedure development program.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the End of April 2014, test plates were welded in the training tank in Miami Florida, with a DNV GL welding engineer in attendance. The non-destructive and destructive testing was again performed at the DNV GL lab in Hamburg. Welding of the plates as well as non-destructive and destructive testing was performed in accordance with AWS D3.6M:2010 Class A. The results of the non-destructive and destructive testing were very positive with all welded test plates exhibiting metallurgical properties equivalent to permanent weld repairs performed “top-side” dry.

About DNV GL 

Driven by its purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organisations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. We provide classification and technical assurance services along with software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries. We also provide management system certification services to customers across a wide range of industries. Operating in more than 100 countries, our 16,000 professionals are dedicated to helping our customers make the world safer, smarter and greener.
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Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) consists of underwater ship repair specialists Miami Diver LLC, Parker Diving Service LLC and Trident BV.  With a dedicated staff of over 100 diver / technicians and welder divers globally, SGS has revolutionized the methods of repair for ship shell plates and equipment underwater.  Through a common shared system of dive equipment, specialty tools, and personnel SGS is able to mobilize quickly anywhere throughout the world for repairs of most shell plate, propulsion or underwater equipment.   Services include the permanent shell plate repairs, replacement of aft propeller shaft seals, the exchange of thrusters and repair of propellers. SGS has become the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s choice for all types of complex repairs.  With class approved techniques and a highly trained staff in both underwater ship repair and propulsion equipment maintenance, SGS is the clear choice for vessels operating in sensitive environments and on critical trade routes.

Propeller Efficiency Improvements- While in Service!

Personnel Shell Lock door- Cruise1Everyone is looking for ways to improve fuel oil consumption rates.  It helps us improve our environment impact footprint and most importantly it improves a vessel’s bottom line.  Subsea Global Solutions has been working with several propeller manufacturers to develop innovative procedures to exchange propeller boss caps while vessels are afloat and remaining in service.  Recently, this approach was proven with great success on a cruise vessel in operation during a cruise through the Caribbean.





Subsea Global Solutions is the leader in underwater services for the cruise industry globally.  The key to our success is proper planning and communication with all stakeholders involved with the project.  Prior to the delivery of the performance enhancing propeller boss cap fins, Subsea Global Solutions worked together with the equipment manufacturer to develop an OEM approved underwater installation procedure.  This required design enhancements to be incorporated into the new propeller boss cap, required specialized tooling to be developed by Subsea Global Solutions and an innovative procedure to be developed so that the OEM requirements were incorporated and the client’s operational requirements were incorporated.  Once the procedure was approved by all the stakeholders, Subsea Global Solutions worked toOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgether with the client to incorporate the required work scope into the itinerary of the vessel.  This meant that during port stays specific portions of the work scope would be completed at strategic times during the voyage.  This allowed the vessel to remain in service, and to continue in operation safely and efficiently.  The cruise passengers continued their vacation experience without any impacts.

Once the manufacturer delivered the equipment to the vessel and Subsea Global Solutions’ equipment was staged onboard, the execution of the work begun.  Port by port time lines were reviewed with onboard personnel and Subsea Global Solutions’ Project Management staff onboard maintained continual communication with shipboard and operations management staff during the execution of the work.  This allowed the shipboard staff and vessel management staff to be prepared for departure on time and schedule.

Personnel Shell Lock door- Cruise2Subsea Global Solutions successfully completed the exchange of the two (2) enhanced propeller boss caps in parallel without taking the vessel out of service.  Work was completed over two consecutive ports of call with the client seeing immediate improvement in the propeller efficiency.  Innovation is the cornerstone of our success and we were pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities with this client.  Let us know how we can apply this to your vessel’s needs.  We remain ready to go as your trusted resource to deliver unrivaled service!