Monthly Archives: May 2016

SGS US East, SGS US West and SGS Caribbean- Shaft Seal Repairs- May 2016

DSC02693Subsea Global Solutions has been very busy in all of their locations globally.  During the past two week the Diver / Technicians performed 5 underwater shaft seal repairs globally.  Three seals were serviced in the Caribbean, one was serviced in the Gulf of Mexico and the final seal was serviced on the West Coast of the USA.  Most of these repairs consisted of the use of the companies TransHab flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam system.  Utilizing OEM approved methods of repair combined with factory trained Diver / technicians, Subsea Global Solutions was able to SGS Inside Habitat-May 2016provide ALL of these clients OEM and Class approved repairs while they remained loaded and in service!

Subsea Global Solutions delivering unrivaled service globally.  We are your underwater service partner trusted with your valuable assets.