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SGS US West- Tunnel Thruster repairs- 2016

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h14m44s209Tunnel thrusters are critical pieces of equipment that are integral to the maneuvering process.  When a unit is out of service operators incur excessive costs and their risk profile’s increase through the use of Tugs.  Subsea Global Solutions provides an OEM and class approved repair while keep the vessel loaded at stable draft and in a position where cargo operations can be conducted.

A tunnel thruster manufacturer contacted SGS US West as they required a warranty inspection and repair be executed on a tunnel thruster on a container ship.  Within hours of arrival, the source of the problem was identified.  Additional team members mobilized to the location, installed hyperbaric doors on either side of the tunnel thruster to create a dry environment for a permanent repair to be executed.

Another tunnel thruster successfully repaired and another client continuing their shipping voyage with no delay or risk of tunnel thruster failure!  Subsea Global Solutions your trusted partner delivering time and time again!