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SGS US East and SGS Caribbean- Propeller Repairs- Aug 2016

Controllable Pitch Propeller Blade Seal Replacement

Picture1 While operating in the pristine waters of the Caribbean, a commercial vessel began to lose oil from it’s controllable pitch propeller system (CPP).  As the vessel neared the Panama Canal the vessel’s management contacted Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) to investigate and potentially repair the problem while the vessel laid fully loaded in an anchorage awaiting the canal passage.

Upon notification of this emergency, diver / technicians were dispatched to Panama to work together with SGS’s local resources in the area.  Upon arrival, gear was loaded and prepared onboard a suitable workboat for working in the outer anchorage.  Upon arrival to the vessel a survey of the CPP system, shaft seal and aft section of the vessel was conducted.  It was determined that one of the CPP propeller blades was leaking due to a damaged seal.

Picture13As the client had spare parts onboard AND SGS arrived to the vessel with all necessary gear to perform an in-water exchange of the propeller blade seal, a repair immediately begun.  Internal preparations were made on the vessel to avoid any further loss of oil AND to prevent seawater ingress into the propeller hub.  The propeller blade was lowered efficiently using techniques and specialized tooling developed by SGS for this specialized type of repair.  The blade seal was efficiently replaced, blade reinstalled and system tested.

With the leak repaired, the vessel was returned to service WITHOUT being taken off-hire.  The efficient solution provided by Subsea Global Solutions while the vessel waited in the anchorage for canal passage was invaluable to the client.

Keeping ships in service and assuring environmentally friendly solutions, Subsea Global Solutions is your trusted partner to deliver unrivaled service.