25 April 2013- Welding repairs to rectify Class notations- NO PROBLEM for SGS

Rope guard weldingAfter completing an in-water survey in Antwerp, Belgium, Subsea Global Solutions was called upon to perform various weld and other repair work on a vessel performing cargo operations.  The in-water survey found that work was required to the vessels Rudder, seal assembly, rope guard, sea chests, Bilge keel and Bow Thruster gratings.  With a limited amount of time available to the vessel, Subsea Global Solutions mobilized sufficient qualified diver / technicians and certified diver / welders to support around the clock operations via multiple dive stations on the vessel.

DSC03516The rudder had severe cavitation to the vertical weld seams in the way of the leading edges on the port and starboard sides.  This required that the damage be ground away until base metal was present.  The seams were re-welded and built up using the Subsea Global Solutions’ “A” class wet welding procedures.  With a full compliment of Diver / Welders, fully employed and coded to these “A” class wet welding procedures, the work was performed effectively and efficiently.  With the weld seams restored a two-component epoxy was applied to complete the work.

Once the weld seams were fully restored, the diver / welders working on the aft section of the vessel moved forward.  Damage was found to the vessel’s seal assembly.  Plugs were missing and damaged seal housings needed to be repaired.  Once the repairs were completed to the seal assembly, the team focused on the restoring the missing rope guard.  With a new rope guard fabricated, Subsea Global Solutions welded in the new rope guard with the “A” class wet welding procedures.

DSC03517 With the team repairing the defects on the aft section of the vessel fully engaged, an additional dive team was mobilized to the forward section of the vessel to repair the bow thruster grating, repair damage to the sea chest as well as repair damage to the starboard bilge keel.  Tears and damaged sections of the bilge keel required to be removed since they consisted of tears and linear defects.  Over 3 meters of damaged bilge keel needed to be removed restored with a smooth transition and coated with a 2-part epoxy to maintain these critical services once the vessel went back into service.

Subsea Global Solutions is focused on delivering unrivaled service.  We are the trusted resource that clients turn to to keep their vessels maintained while in the water.  We maintain the right people and equipment available to meet your needs when required.

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