4-Apr-13- Even the Coast Guard sends out an SOS!- Underwater CPP Propeller repair

Sometimes even the Coast Guard needs help.  Just like any other vessel in the water, Murphy’s law applies, in times of need is when things tend to break!  That is the case of a CPP propeller on a Coast Guard vessel in the lower Caribbean.

While on patrol in the pristine lower Caribbean Sea, the propeller sustained damage.  Damage was found on all blades of the CPP propeller, which required exchange.  As the Coast Guard had spare blades available Subsea Global Solutions from Curacao mobilized to perform the underwater blade exchange.

Utilizing a process developed specifically for these types of propellers, all 4-propeller blades were exchanged in one working shift.  This required an efficient process of rigging, installing and re-torqueing of these blades.  Experts from the Coast Guard ensured everything was done in accordance with the approved procedure while they supervised the work.  With OEM trained diver / technicians readily available to support this repair in the Lower Caribbean and the right equipment on site Subsea Global Solutions efficiently executed this time sensitive and critical repair.

Keeping our Coast Guard off the coast and in the ocean is what Subsea Global Solutions is all about.  We remain available anywhere to support your needs.

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