February 2013 Newsletter

Dear Rick,
It is hard to believe that we are already into month three of 2013. With no rest for the weary, the diver / technicians of the Subsea Solutions Alliance remained very busy meeting the maintenance and repair needs of our clientele on a global basis. With a global focus on the environment and operational efficiency, our Fuel Management program has received a tremendous amount of attention. With the ability to maintain a consistently smooth hull surface while at the same time causing little to no degradation to the ships hull coating, the Subsea Solutions Alliance’s Fuel Management program continues to prove to ship owners that they can save money in their operations budget but also in their scheduled shipyard periods by not requiring a substantial re-coating of the vessel. With stations strategically located throughout the world, OEM trained and certified personnel, specialized equipment purpose built and designed for efficient hull maintenance without causing damage to the ship’s coating, there is no other diving company with wholly owned subsidiaries capable to deliver like the Subsea Solutions Alliance. During recent dry docking events of customer’s vessels, vessels maintained in the Fuel Management program had a consistently low requirement of hull re-coating of only 1 to 3%! This is after 5 years of in-service operation and hull maintenance taking place an average 2 times per year. The Fuel Management program continues to prove to clients its value adding and cost savings benefits.In addition to the Fuel Management program the Subsea Solutions Alliance has been engaged in several large vessel repairs including permanent shell plate repairs, shaft seal replacements, propeller repairs and thruster repairs.   Our consistently growing work force of diver / technicians and engineering / operations staff has allowed the member companies to always deliver industry leading underwater services on time and on budget. Time is money and schedule delays with unexpected over runs in costs during emergency repairs must be minimized or avoided. Transparency and reputation in the market place are paramount in order to gain underwriter and insurance company support. The Subsea Solutions Alliance is the underwriter’s diving company of choice.The theme of this month’s Chronicles is “48 hours”. Working efficiently, OEM and class approved repairs were completed in 48-hours of less. This included a Hyperbaric shaft seal repair, tunnel thruster exchange and a permanent shell plate repair. Read on to learn more!


The Subsea Solutions Alliance is pleased to announce its opening of its third training center in Terneuzen, The Netherlands. With 3 training centers around the world, the member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance will continue to remain the leading underwater service provider by providing the best trained personnel and equipment specifically designed and tested for the safe and efficient completion of the repair. We will deliver unrivaled service, period! Any day, any time, we remain vigilant and prepared to meet your vessel’s needs.


Sincerely Yours,


Rick Shilling

Chief Operating Officer

Subsea Solutions Alliance

Monthly Summary of Major Projects Performed by the Subsea Solutions Alliance
The Subsea Solutions Alliance was very busy in February meeting the needs of the industry by performing multiple high value repairs in various ports around the world. The summary below illustrates just some of the major projects performed.One Tunnel Thruster exchange was performed on the West Coast of the USAMultiple Tunnel Thruster repairs, including wet welding repairs were performed in EuropeOne seal repair was performed in New Zealand

One seal repair with Hyperbaric lip seal bonding was performed on the US East Coast

One Propeller repair with sectional reduction was performed on the US East Coast

One Propeller repair with section reduction and cold static load straightening was performed on the US East Coast

One Propeller repair with cold static load straightening was performed in Europe

One underwater class approved permanent shell plate repair was performed on the Gulf Coast of the USA

One underwater class approved permanent shell plate repair was performed on the US West Coast

One set of Bow thruster grates were fabricated and installed underwater with “A” class wet welding on the US East Coast

One underwater hi-lift rudder flap repair was completed on the US Gulf Coast

One rope guard replacement and rope cutter knife installation was performed with “A” class wet welding on the US East Coast.

Multiple marine construction projects were developed and attended to on the US West Coast

Give us 48 hours and we’ll exchange your Tunnel Thruster

Underwater Tunnel thruster exchange- completely wet!    
Tunnel thrusters remain critical pieces of propulsion equipment, but they are sensitive pieces of equipment with many internal moving parts. With vessels becoming more and more dependent on these powerful maneuvering devices, ship owners and Original Equipment Manufacturers have turned to the Subsea Solutions Alliance to work together with them on developing unique methods of repair for these units while they remain safely mounted in the thruster tunnels. Additionally we have been tasked to assist in the development of fast, reliable and safe methods of exchanging thrusters completely underwater, without trimming the vessel. We remain the preferred underwater service provider of all major equipment suppliers around the world.A vessels time in port is becoming shorter and shorter even though the vessels are getting larger and larger. This requires a systematic approach to tunnel thruster exchange utilizing a completely wet process. Working together with the OEM and utilizing tools developed together with the OEM and patented by them, the member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance are able to exchange a tunnel thruster completely wet in 48 hours. This includes the removal as well as re-installation of the tunnel thruster grates when installed.While a vessel was performing cargo in a major port on the US West Coast, the Subsea Solutions Alliance member company Parker Diving Service LLC was busy preparing a tunnel thruster for in-water exchange. This involved close cooperation with the tunnel thruster manufacturer who managed the inboard elements of this exchange. While the electric motor was removed from the thruster foundation and the internal cofferdam (dome) was installed, the diver / technicians for the Subsea Solutions Alliance removed the tunnel thruster grates with a carbon arc gouging system. Managing the removal of the grating by carefully and cleanly cutting away the attachment points can allow easy re-installation of the grating system at the conclusion of the repair. Once access to the tunnel thruster lower gear box is attained, attachments are welded into the thruster tunnel. Since these attachment points must be “load rated” they are welded with the Subsea Solutions Alliance “A” class wet welding procedures by diver / welders coded to this procedure. With the attachment points in place, specialized rigging systems specifically engineered and developed by the Subsea Solutions Alliance are installed into the thruster tunnel. The OEM’s patented tunnel thruster sled is installed and the tunnel thruster lower gear box strut is cut utilizing the carbon arc gouging system. The unit is ready for underwater demounting. 


Since the OEM was installing an upgraded tunnel thruster lower gear box, the thruster lower gear box mounting flange needed to be machined with an access groove for the feedback transmitter rod. Working completely in a wet environment the groove was quickly machined while internal preparations were completed. Working around the clock with two shifts of OEM trained diver / technicians the tunnel thruster was successfully exchanged. Once exchanged the tunnel thruster strut was welded back into the thruster tunnel. Since this is a structural member of the vessel, “A” class wet welding procedures were employed performed by diver / welders coded to these procedures. Once completed, the vessel was returned to service in this short 48 hour port stay.


By remaining the preferred underwater service provider of the supplier of the tunnel thruster manufacturer, the exchange process and complete sequence of events is planned well in advance. Specialized tooling, exchange parts and a complete time line is prepared to minimize or eliminate any delays to the vessels schedule. “Diver Friendly” rigging systems designed for use underwater are tested and perfected well in advance at the Subsea Solutions Alliance’s training centers making use on site easy and efficient. Over 4 hours are saved using our newly developed rigging system which allows us to remain efficient and ahead of the rest in underwater equipment repair. When time is money, the less time we spend on underwater repairs means less money to pay. Give us the opportunity to employ these repairs processes for you!

Call us Monday and exchange your shaft seal Thursday- in 48 Hours or less!

OEM and Class approved Hyperbaric shaft seal replacement

While transiting in the Caribbean, a vessel incurred a severe shaft seal leakage requiring immediate repair. With no dry docks available in the area and concerns about an environmental impact raising, member company Miami Diver LLC of the Subsea Solutions Alliance was called for emergency repairs. A repair time line was immediately developed based on the shaft seal type and propulsion shaft line arrangement. As the customer had spare parts readily available on board, factory trained diver technicians and specialized equipment developed by the Subsea Solutions Alliance was immediately deployed to the repair location.Within hours of the vessels arrival to its US discharge port in the Southeastern USA, the diver / technicians had the rope guard removed and stern tube and propeller templated for installation of the flexible hyperbaric cofferdam “Transhab”. Once the Transhab was installed the multiple lip seal aft shaft seal was disassembled. All seal housings were removed, cleaned and prepared for seal re-installation. The liner was inspected and prepared for seal renewal. Underwater Hyperbaric seal bonding immediately commenced and all 3 lip rings were efficiently bonded in place. Once bonding was completed, pressure tests were completed; seal fit up verified and all seal system piping checked, the seal system was put back into service. Rope guard was reinstalled and the vessel was prepared to be put back into service. Non-stop diving operations were employed which allowed this repair to completed AHEAD of schedule. As the member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance are the underwater shaft seal service providers for the Original manufacturer of this seal system, trained and certified personnel were employed during this repair. A realistic time line was developed based on this specific seal type and seal installation so that the vessel operator could properly plan with its charter for this emergency repair. Execution of the work was performed seamlessly using OEM parts, class and OEM approved procedures by certified diver / technicians. Delivering unrivaled service is our mission and without fail we will deliver. Don’t trust critical repairs like this to anybody; go with certified companies with a proven track record. We are the Subsea Solutions Alliance and we remain available to support your emergency needs.

Permanent Shell plate repairs- YES in less than 48 hours!Class approved Permanent shell plate repairs

Maersk Cofferdam- Complete Shell plate damage to vessels is unavoidable and out of the control of vessel operators.  When cracks form repairs are needed.  The extent of the repair is dictated by the location of the defect and regulatory and class societies involved.  In this particular case cracks were found in a vessels heeling tank shell plate and supporting frames.  Due to the extent of the defect a permanent insert plate for the shell plating and support frame was required.  With a short window of time to execute this repair, the Subsea Solutions Alliance company Parker Diving Service LLC was called in to support the repair.  With the affected area isolated and known, the in-house engineering staff designed a suitable atmospheric cofferdam for blanking off the affected area.  Utilizing the latest 3-D modeling software available a fully engineered cofferdam was developed inclusive of a FEA to ensure no critically loaded points existed.

Once engineering was completed with the cofferdam, production of the unit ensued.  With the cofferdam completely built it was properly installed utilizing the “A” class wet welding procedures of the Subsea Solutions Alliance with Diver  / Welders coded to these procedures.  A single sided full penetration weld was performed on the shell plating, the crack in the frame was cropped and welded back as per the requirements of the attending class surveyor.

To think within 48 hours the vessel was put back into service with no loss of time or deviations to the schedule.  We pride ourselves in providing the right people and right equipment exactly at the right time.  We remain available to support your needs anywhere around the world.

Destination Europe- Training Center #3 open for business!Training Center at Trident BV

The member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance are pleased to announce the opening of our third training center at the premises of our member company Trident BV. This training center incorporates classroom areas, workshop facilities as well as a 120,000 liter dive tank suitable for the training and development of specialized tooling.  By maintaining a fully employed consistent workforce of diver / technicians, the member companies are continually training our personnel in underwater wet welding, installation of hyperbaric cofferdams, specialized rigging techniques and general surface supplied air diving best practices.  By maintaining these training centers around the world we are able to  continue to develop new methods of underwater ship and equipment repair as well as train our personnel on how to work together as a team safely and efficiently. The Subsea Solutions Alliance qualifies new underwater wet welding techniques to AWS (American Welding society) and Class society standards in these facilities. Incorporating OEM training into our training centers also allows us to work together with our OEM partners to develop new methods of underwater repair as well as train together with them so that we can efficiently manage the inboard and outboard operations during a critical repair.  These training centers are more than centers to develop our our expert diver / technicians, but they are the  laboratories for testing new methods of repair so we can continue to develop more efficient and cost effective ways to keep your vessels in operation.

Congratulations to Trident BV for the opening of this training center! If you are ever in Ternuezen, The Netherlands, Miami Florida USA or Long Beach California USA, please take the opportunity to visit one of our training centers. Our door is always open and our “pool” is always available for a swim! Bring your wet suit and your sense of adventure! We look forward to seeing you at the Subsea Solutions Alliance and we look forward to working with you!

The Subsea Solutions Alliance (SSA) consists of underwater ship repair specialists: Miami Diver LLC, Parker Diving Service LLC and Trident BV.  With a dedicated staff of over 150 diver / technicians globally, the SSA has revolutionized the methods of repair for ship equipment underwater.  Through a common shared system of dive equipment, specialty tools and diver personnel, the SSA is able to mobilize quickly anywhere throughout the world with diver / factory trained service technicians for most OEM equipment.  From the replacement of aft propeller shaft seals to the exchange of thrusters to the straightening of large bends in propellers, SSA has become the OEM’s choice for all types of complex repairs.  With class approved techniques and a highly motivated and trained staff, the SSA is the clear choice for vessels operating in sensitive environments on critical trade routes.Please feel free to contact:
Rick Shilling
Phone: +1-914-826-0045
E-Mail: subseasolutionsinfo@gmail.com
Website: www.subseasolutions.com

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