All Hands on deck- SGS Unites!-March 2017

As announced in early March, Subsea Global Solutions completed the acquisition of All-Sea Underwater Solutions.  This acquisition allows us to provide enhanced service support to our clientele by:

  • Expanding our portfolio of services
  • Growing our unified global footprint of wholly owned subsidiaries
  • Adding stability to our business for organic and acquisition growth
  • Strengthens our pool of qualified Diver / Technicians
  • Expands our technical resources so that we can continue to innovate and create innovative underwater solutions

Subsea Global Solutions was put to the test DAYS into the announcement of this acquisition.  A vessel operating on a time critical cruise itinerary developed a leak in its shaft seal.  This emergency required Subsea Global Solutions to engage it’s global network to deploy personnel and equipment to a port location in the Far East.  With the correct equipment assets strategically located in SGS’s Korea and Vancouver facilities, equipment was immediately dispatched to the required repair location.  Since the repair was time critical, trained and certified Diver / Technicians were deployed from SGS’s Korea, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and Vancouver locations.  Careful planning and timely execution was necessary for this time sensitive repair.  The rope guard was surgically removed using a carbon arc gouging system.  By utilizing this specialized technique the weld can be effectively removed without damaging the base metal; thus saving critical time in material preparation once the repair is completed.  With full access to the seal, the extent of the damage could be evaluated.  As seal lip ring renewals was required, the Diver / Technicians installed the Transhab, a flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam.  With precision and care the damaged seal lip rings were removed and replaced using a factory approved bonding process and bonding agent.  Once completed, Quality assurance pressure and measurement tests were performed to assure an OEM guaranteed repair was completed.  The rope guard was then welded back to the stern tube by coded welder / divers utilizing the class approved Class “A” wet welding procedures of Subsea Global Solutions.  With integrated equipment and all repair team members working to the same technical repair process, the repair was successfully completed utilizing the combined resources of Subsea Global Solutions LLC and its newly acquired subsidiary.

Subsea Global Solutions has pioneered the methodology to performing permanent repairs and replacements to shaft seals underwater in a wet or dry environment.    By working closely  with our OEM partners, Subsea Global Solutions sets the standard for shaft seal renewal while a vessel remains afloat and in service.  With the largest wholly owned footprint of any company in underwater ship repair, we are THE ONE SOURCE FOR GLOBAL UNDERWATER SOLUTIONS.

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