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California Lands Commission- Prevention First Conference 2016


Every two years the California State Lands Commission presents its Prevention First symposium. Prevention First is an onshore and offshore pollution prevention symposium and technology exhibition. Experts and professionals from academia, industry, and government from around the country gather at this important event to share information and introduce concepts in pollution prevention with a focus on marine invasive species management, environmental protection, marine oil terminal engineering and maintenance standards, pipeline safety, risk analysis, many other areas involving maritime safety and pollution prevention.

Subsea Global Solutions is well represented and we look forward to you visit us!

SGS US East and SGS Caribbean- Propeller Repairs- Aug 2016

Controllable Pitch Propeller Blade Seal Replacement

Picture1 While operating in the pristine waters of the Caribbean, a commercial vessel began to lose oil from it’s controllable pitch propeller system (CPP).  As the vessel neared the Panama Canal the vessel’s management contacted Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) to investigate and potentially repair the problem while the vessel laid fully loaded in an anchorage awaiting the canal passage.

Upon notification of this emergency, diver / technicians were dispatched to Panama to work together with SGS’s local resources in the area.  Upon arrival, gear was loaded and prepared onboard a suitable workboat for working in the outer anchorage.  Upon arrival to the vessel a survey of the CPP system, shaft seal and aft section of the vessel was conducted.  It was determined that one of the CPP propeller blades was leaking due to a damaged seal.

Picture13As the client had spare parts onboard AND SGS arrived to the vessel with all necessary gear to perform an in-water exchange of the propeller blade seal, a repair immediately begun.  Internal preparations were made on the vessel to avoid any further loss of oil AND to prevent seawater ingress into the propeller hub.  The propeller blade was lowered efficiently using techniques and specialized tooling developed by SGS for this specialized type of repair.  The blade seal was efficiently replaced, blade reinstalled and system tested.

With the leak repaired, the vessel was returned to service WITHOUT being taken off-hire.  The efficient solution provided by Subsea Global Solutions while the vessel waited in the anchorage for canal passage was invaluable to the client.

Keeping ships in service and assuring environmentally friendly solutions, Subsea Global Solutions is your trusted partner to deliver unrivaled service.

SGS US West- Tunnel Thruster repairs- 2016

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h14m44s209Tunnel thrusters are critical pieces of equipment that are integral to the maneuvering process.  When a unit is out of service operators incur excessive costs and their risk profile’s increase through the use of Tugs.  Subsea Global Solutions provides an OEM and class approved repair while keep the vessel loaded at stable draft and in a position where cargo operations can be conducted.

A tunnel thruster manufacturer contacted SGS US West as they required a warranty inspection and repair be executed on a tunnel thruster on a container ship.  Within hours of arrival, the source of the problem was identified.  Additional team members mobilized to the location, installed hyperbaric doors on either side of the tunnel thruster to create a dry environment for a permanent repair to be executed.

Another tunnel thruster successfully repaired and another client continuing their shipping voyage with no delay or risk of tunnel thruster failure!  Subsea Global Solutions your trusted partner delivering time and time again!

SGS US East, SGS US West and SGS Caribbean- Shaft Seal Repairs- May 2016

DSC02693Subsea Global Solutions has been very busy in all of their locations globally.  During the past two week the Diver / Technicians performed 5 underwater shaft seal repairs globally.  Three seals were serviced in the Caribbean, one was serviced in the Gulf of Mexico and the final seal was serviced on the West Coast of the USA.  Most of these repairs consisted of the use of the companies TransHab flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam system.  Utilizing OEM approved methods of repair combined with factory trained Diver / technicians, Subsea Global Solutions was able to SGS Inside Habitat-May 2016provide ALL of these clients OEM and Class approved repairs while they remained loaded and in service!

Subsea Global Solutions delivering unrivaled service globally.  We are your underwater service partner trusted with your valuable assets.

Call today- we serve tomorrow!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASubsea Global Solutions responded quickly to a vessel in need of a shaft seal repair.  The team was called into action with only 1 day  to pack up gear and prepare to begin work 1/2 way across the country.  Personnel were deployed from all of our offices in the USA and, Caribbean to respond quickly and efficiently to this vessel in need.  Working around the clock the shaft seal assembly was completely exchanged in 5 working shifts.   Utilizing our TransHab Flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam, all the lip rings were efficiently and properly replaced with a factory warranted process.  By Stuyvesant-Seal repair-3maintaining diver / seal technicians certified in this type of shaft seal repair, Subsea Global Solutions can provide a fully warranted repair.

Subsea Global Solutions is your turn to resource to deliver in and out of the water!  When you vessel depends on quality service there is only one underwater service provider to rely on.  Thank you to all of our loyal and dedicated clients globally!

SGS INNOVATION- Making the Impossible- POSSIBLE!

Subsea Global Solutions was the resource hired to develop an innovative solution for the extraction of retractable azimuthing thrusters in a VERY shall environment.  This project required several phases using a purpose designed and built hydraulic jacking system to demount and exchange these thrusters.  The Azimuthing thrusters were the propulsion system on a specialty vessel which were not originally designed for underwater demounting.  Due to the strategic nature of this vessel and its home port location a unique solution was required.

Teams from our SGS East and West Coast offices participated in this ground breaking azimuthing thruster exchange with the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Since this thruster was not designed for underwater demounting and the location was sensitive and shallow, the innovative tension leg track system was employed in this case to demount the lower gear boxes for overhaul and repair.

Subsea Global Solutions is your resource for unrivaled service.  Driven by our core values, we make the impossible POSSIBLE each and every day.

Subsea Global Solutions Europe- Trident BV- BUSY UNDERWATER!

Subsea Global Solutions’ European affiliate Trident BV has remained very busy during the first quarter of 2015.  Several large emergency and scheduled underwater repairs were performed utilizing the professional Diver / Technicians of Subsea Global Solutions together with our world renowned advanced underwater processes of repair.  These large repairs were performed in addition to the routine maintenance and inspection services provided throughout Europe by the professionals at Trident BV.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFour (4) shaft seal replacements were performed over the past two months throughout Europe and the Far East.  These repairs included the use of Subsea Global Solutions’ Flexible Hyperbaric Cofferdam “Transhab”.  In addition to the use of the Transhab, Subsea Global Solutions employed manufacturer specific wet repairs to face type seals and bellows.  By maintaining factory trained Diver / Technicians up to date with the latest seal designs and methodologies of repair, P1040688Subsea Global Solutions continues to lead the way in developing cost effective, fast and quality, full warranted repairs for leading shaft seal systems installed on vessels.

Two  (2) bow thruster repairs were performed on vessels throughout Europe.  These repairs included the use of Subsea Global Solutions’ Flexible Door Technology and “A” class wet welding procedures.  The Flexible Door Technology allows dry repairs to be performed on tunnel thrusters while the vessel is afloat and at normal operating drafts.  Diver / Technicians P1010229trained by the major equipment suppliers perform these repairs in a dry environment in the same fashion the manufacturer’s technicians would do in the dry dock.   Wet welding repairs to the thruster struts or tunnels were performed with NO condition of class utilizing the class approved “A” class wet welding procedures and the coded welder / divers of Subsea Global Solutions.  By performing these jobs wet, it saves our clients time and money without sacrificing the strength, ductility or quality of the weld.

Three (3) propeller repairs were performed around Europe and in the Far East.  Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, Propellers were safely restored to proper geometry to ensure continual operation with minimal or no loss of propeller efficiency.  By maintaining a close relationship with most major propeller manufacturers, we are able to deliver excellence each and every time.

DSC03955In addition to the repairs listed above our European office repaired or removed nine Fixed mounted Energy Savings Devices on large container ships.  Due to defects found on these devices some owners opted to have them completely removed and some owners preferred Subsea Global Solutions to permanently repair these devices with their class approved underwater wet welding techniques.

Additional specialty repairs included the installation of several Finned Propeller Boss caps, propeller modifications as well as cruise vessel stabilizer fin repairs.

Subsea Global Solutions continues to deliver UNRIVALED service globally.  Our European affiliate Trident BV exemplifies our mission.  We remain available globally to work with you anywhere and at any time!


Emergency Repairs- Propeller Removal with Vessel in Service

Picking Blade 8
Emergencies happen on vessels each and every day.  Cruise ship operators rely on the capabilities of Subsea Global Solutions to deliver unrivaled service.  While operating in the Caribbean, a cruise vessel detected deterioration of a critical bearing in one of it’s propulsion azimuthing thrusters.  Even with the thruster taken out of service, the windmilling of the propeller continued to deteriorate the bearing increasing it’s risk of complete failure.  To avoid a complete failure and to ensure the vessel remained in service, Subsea Global Solutions was called into to remove the built up propeller.

Working with the cruise ship operations staff, Subsea Global Solutions project management and operations staff evaluated the itinerary of the vessel and developed a port by port time line. Once approved, critical equipment was strategically placed in the necessary ports of call and work begun.

Subsea Global Solutions prepared the propeller for extraction.  This required that the epoxy fairing the propeller blade hold down bolts into the propeller to be completely extracted from the blade bolt holes.  This process required the epoxy to be hydro-blasted away completely using a specialized hydro-blaster specifically configured for this application.

4 Blades On Flat Bed-14In the next port of call blade extraction was performed.  Subsea Global Solutions placed all rigging into place so that blades could be efficiently extracted from the propeller and rigged on-shore.  Using a hydraulically configured ratcheting wrench configured for underwater applications, Subsea Global Solutions efficiently extracted all the blade bolts on each blade.  Blades were removed one-by-one to the surface and the azimuthing thruster was now free of any risk of continued bearing deterioration..

Throughout the entire process Subsea Global Solutions’ project management staff maintained time line communications with ship and operational management staff.  This ensured that the vessel could leave on time without impact or delay.

Subsea Global Solutions yet again demonstrates what unrivaled service is all about.  We do what you say when we say we’re going to do it!  We do it safely, efficiently and on-time.  This is what Subsea Global Solutions is all about and we look forward to working with you.