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SGS Solutions for Offshore Installations

DSC02012Making the impossible possible is just what we do each and every day at Subsea Global Solutions.  Thinking about how to develop innovative solutions requires us to work professionally in and out of the water.  During the past months, Subsea Global Solutions has been very busy supporting Offshore installations around the world.

Our services have included technical in-situ repairs of Thrusters, the exchange of thrusters as well as the execution of shell plate repairs to vessel hull’s in remote locations around the world.  In-Water Surveys and maintenance services including Hull Cleaning have been performed as well to the highest standards.  Due to the high value of Offshore vessels, any off-hire time or delays coming on hire are a big deal.  This requires unique and thorough repair procedures and time lines to be developed so that any maintenance or repairs performed have minimal or NO impact on operations.

DCIM100GOPROSometimes there is not enough time or spare equipment available to execute a tunnel thruster exchange.  With this being the case Subsea Global Solutions has created innovative methods of in-tunnel repairs.  During a recent wet dock event tunnel thruster shaft seals were replaced on several tunnel thrusters while the vessel remained afloat.  Utilizing the Subsea Global Solutions flex door system, a dry hyperbaric environment was created in the thruster tunnel; thus allowing factory trained diver / technicians to execute a permanent repair to the tunnel thruster lower gear box.  While this critical work was being performed underwater, the vessel’s operator were able to execute other work and vessel outfitting with no impact to it’s return date back to service.

Demountable Azimuthing thrusterEfficiently exchanging azimuthing thrusters requires coordination, good communication and a detailed plan.  Being Driven in Everything we do, Subsea Global Solutions created a precise plan for the exchange of azimuthing thrusters in-shore utilizing rig mounted cranes and other equipment.  By working closely with the client and manufacturer of the azimuthing thruster, Subsea Global Solutions effectively changed one thruster every 12 hours.  Focusing on Safety everyday ensures that everyone completes the job just like they started.  An incident free service equates to a happy client!


Subsea Global Solutions is your one source for Global Underwater Solutions.  We understand that time is money in the marine industry and we are always ready to serve your vessels; anywhere any time!

Subsea Global Solutions- SPAIN- NOW A HOME PORT!!

SGS-Spain-01Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce that our European founding member Trident BV has expanded into Spain and Northern Africa by acquiring a substantial number of shares in Underwater Contractors Spain.  With this new addition to our global network we now cover locations throughout Spain and Northern Africa including the ports of Algeciras (home port), Barcelona, Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga, Valencia and Tangiers Morocco.  Subsea Global Solutions continues to grow where our clients are sailing.  Whether you require a propeller polish or a permanent shell plate repair, Subsea Global Solutions maintains the necessary personnel, equipment and resources to support your needs.

Subsea Global Solutions continues to grow organically and through acquisition so we can remain “Your One Source For Global Underwater Solutions” .  Today we are among the largest Global Commercial diving contractors supporting the commercial maritime industry.  Feel free to contact any one of our offices to open you up to this organization that prides itself on being quality driven in everything we do in and out of the water.  We will make the impossible Possible any where any time!

Propeller Polishing- Rupert “A” and BEYOND!!

IMG_5117Underwater Propeller polishing has been performed for years on vessels all around the world.  Subsea Global Solutions maintains global Propeller and Hull Maintenance agreements in place with several companies that focus on maintaining their propellers and Hull coatings at their best possible condition at all times.   By utilizing a multi-stage polishing process and diver / technicians trained in proper analysis of the propeller condition, Subsea Global Solutions’ process has proven to be an integral part of a fuel efficiency program.  The Benefits of maintaining a polished propeller have been known for years, but what has not been known is “how smooth is smooth”?  The industry standard is to use a Rupert scale to visually evaluate the surface roughness of propeller blade.  This is a very subjective measurement technique but the only one economically available since most propeller blades are fabricated from non-ferrous metals and are completely submerge underwater; making the available technology to measure surface roughness impossible.  Everyone advertises the ability to deliver a Rupert “A” quality polish on the propeller, but what does that mean?  Is it really possible to do?  Well, Subsea Global Solutions together with one of it’s OEM partners ventured out to take the mystery out of the question..

foto 3New Propellers are typically delivered with a surface roughness in accordance with ISO standard 484.  Propellers are delivered to either a Class “S” or Class “I” standard which equates to surface roughness between1.5 and 6 microns.  Measurement is done with an electronic roughness gauge calibrated with a certified piece of reference steel.  When propellers are polished underwater people advertise that they are polishing the propeller blades to a Rupert “A” roughness which equates to a surface roughness of 0.65 microns!  Is this really achievable????  Since there is no available technology to measure the surface roughness underwater the only way to evaluate the roughness is to visually compare the polished surface to a reference gauge.  Subsea Global Solutions decided to determine the actual surface roughness in microns once our multi-stage propeller polishing process was performed.   So testing commenced at Subsea Global Solutions’ European office.

Propeller Measurement layout fieldSubsea Global Solutions demonstrated the multi-stage propeller polishing process in April 2014 and measured the surface roughness during appropriate intervals during the polishing process.  This measurement was done by taking the blade in and out of our test facility at our facility in Europe.  Subsea Global Solutions’ goal of the test was to demonstrate the process, equipment and time required to achieve a propeller surface roughness equivalent or LESS than Rupert A in microns (<= 0.65 microns).  Testing was done in cooperation with Wartsila Propulsion The Netherlands and measurements were taken by and in accordance with their OEM guidelines.

IMG_5116A Ni-AL Bronze propeller blade was tested.  The Surface roughness measurements were taken prior to start of polishing and the propeller was fully assessed by the diver / technicians from Subsea Global Solutions.  At specified intervals during the multi-stage polishing process, the propeller blade was brought out of the test tank and the surface roughness was measured at appropriate locations.  Polishing was performed over a reasonable amount of time.  After a short period of time we were astonished to note that achieved a surface roughness LOWER THAN 0.2 MICRONS!!!!  That is 3 times better than Rupert “A”!

foto 4The conclusion’s are that using our multi-stage propeller polishing process we are able to achieve a smoother surface than Rupert “A”.  Subsea Global Solutions learned that our propeller evaluation process is the key to achievement of a super polish on the propeller since the selection of pad type and time interval of use will significantly influence the speed and quality of the work.  We also learned that it takes some time to “condition” the propeller to super polish level, but once “conditioned” the propeller surface is easy to maintain if maintained with the Subsea Global Solutions multi-stage polishing process.

So, there is a lot of science and technique that goes into a propeller polish.  Subsea Global Solutions- your trusted resource for unrivaled service!

Tunnel Thrusters- Repairs and Exchanges by the Handful!

SSA Flexible cofferdamAll 8 Subsea Global Solutions locations in Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean were busy repairing or replacing tunnel thrusters all around the world. Tunnel thruster removals took place in Europe (2), in the South Pacific Islands (1), on the West Coast of the USA (1) and in the Caribbean (1).  Two tunnel thrusters were installed in the Caribbean and several thruster repairs were performed in both wet and dry hyperbaric environments.

Tunnel thruster repairs were executed on several units on both commercial ships and cruise vessels.  7 tunnel thruster repairs took place over the past couple of weeks.  These repairs included a tunnel thruster shaft seal repair, blade seal replacements, CPP blade replacements, blade bolt replacements and weld repairs to permanently repair cracks and to install rope guards.

DCIM100GOPROTunnel thruster propeller blade, CPP blade seal and blade bolt replacements took place in a dry hyperbaric environment using SGS’ flexible dry door technology.  Properly spaced and rated attachment points were welded into place using Subsea Global Solutions class approved “A” class wet welding procedures. All wet welds were performed by certified welder / divers so that “rated” attachment points could be utilized.  With the fit for purpose and design rated flex door system installed the tunnel thruster tunnel was efficiently de-watered and repairs were completed efficiently.  No delays or changes to any vessel’s schedules took place during these repairs.

Wet tunnel thruster repairs were performed on several units to keep them operational and within the class acceptance criterion.  One tunnel thruster exhibited oil leakage from its bellows type shaft seal while in operation.  After consultation with the thruster manufacturer and seal supplier, a specialized adapter ring was engineered, fabricated and installed by Subsea Global Solutions.  With this fit for purpose ring installed the leakage stopped and the thruster could be put back into operation.  Allowing the vessel to remain coast guard compliant and in service is what makes Subsea Global Solutions’ the trusted resource for fleets around the globe.

Tunnel thrusters remain a critical and cost effective solution for large container and cruise vessels entering our congested harbors around the world.  Their proper operation is required and as such Subsea Global Solutions rises to the challenge of our clientele to keep them in service day in and day out.

Underwater Shaft Seal Renewal- Here There and Everywhere!


Subsea Global Solutions has been very busy providing support to our clientele in all locations around the world. In the past couple of weeks a shaft seal has been replaced on a cruise vessel while it was cruising on its Mediterranean itinerary.  Without taking the vessel out of service and with only minimal enhancements to the vessel’s itinerary the affected face seal as well as lip ring shaft seal system was exchanged in a dry hyperbaric environment underwater.

Subsea Global Solutions Europe performed the preparatory work on the vessel by removing the rope guard in a safe and efficient manner.  By using a carbon arc gouging system, the existing welds securing the rope guard to the vessel were gouged away and the rope guard was released from the vessel with no alteration.  Rigging pad eyes and specialized adapter rings were fabricated so that once the vessel arrived at its location for shaft seal exchange all was prepared and ready to go.

Subsea Global Solutions then mobilized additional trained and OEM certified diver / technicians from other Subsea Global Solutions locations located on East Coast of North America, West Coast of North America and the Caribbean.  As this was a very specialized seal with service being carried out by the OEM themselves, only OEM trained and certified personnel were allowed to perform this work.  Around the clock operations proceeded for 45 hours in order to exchange the specialized carbon faced seal ring, sealing seat and bond the necessary lip rings inside SGS’ specialized Flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam, the Transhab.  Since this sealing is so specialized and installation must be done in a controlled manner, Subsea Global Solutions certified their underwater exchange process together with their OEM partner last year through research and development performed both at the OEM’s production facility and at Subsea Global Solutions training and development center in Europe.

DSC01708With the shaft seal successfully exchanged within the required time frame, the vessel returned to its cruise through exotic Mediterranean locations assured that it’s shaft seal is guaranteed to provide years of good service.  Our commitment to excellence shines brighter and brighter as we continue to remain the industries gold standard for underwater service solutions.

Subsea Global Solutions- Hull Cleaning in Brazil now available

Hull Cleaning EquipmentSubsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce that we are up and running actively providing Hull cleaning and propeller polishing services in Brazil.  Together with our vetted partner in the region, Subsea Global Solutions has invested in the delivery of two Trident V brush carts (advanced hull cleaning systems) and auxiliary equipment together with several double head hydraulic hull cleaning machines and SGS propeller polishing systems. With these systems in Brazil, SGS now offers cost effective hull cleaning and propeller polishing services to all size vessels with any hull coating applied.  With its advanced common rail hydraulic system, the SGS Trident V hull cleaning brush cart is approved for even the most sensitive FRC (friction release coatings) coatings.  As this is a brush cart, it is able to efficiently cover the entire hull surface (vertical sides and flat bottom) efficiently with a wide range of operation.

Trident V with diver-2- rev 2Subsea Global Solutions will provide the technical and administrative oversight to our vetted partner in Brazil.  SGS shall be the contracting entity for all clients and shall provide the quotations, contracts, invoices and reports through our Eastern Region office in Miami Florida.

Services are currently offered only in 3 locations in Brazil in either the inner or outer anchorages.  These locations are: Angra Dos Reis, Itaguai and Rio de Janeiro.  No service can be provided to vessels while alongside when they are doing cargo due to Brazilian Naval regulations. 

Services shall be offered in other Brazilian ports in the coming months once the entire vetted partner’s team is trained on the mobilization and demobilization of the equipment at other locations.

Please contact us at Subsea Global Solutions ( or for a lump sum price quotation and estimated time line for these services.  We look forward to continuing to be your one source for underwater service AND now in Brazil!

Wet Welding Cavitation Erosion- Restoration of Weld Seams

DCIM100GOPRO Cavitation erosion of weld seams in rudders in an inherent problem that plagues vessels around the world.  Prior to now, the only remedy available that was recognized by class societies was to perform a dry atmospheric weld to the affected areas in the dry dock or engage Subsea Global Solutions to perform a dry hyperbaric weld repair based on our existing weld procedures.  As announced earlier this year, Subsea Global Solutions recently gained approval for more wet welding procedures.  Groove weld procedures were approved meeting the Class A requirements of the American Welding Societies specification AWS D3.6M:3010 – Underwater Welding Code.


Weld Seam Cavitation Damage

Weld Seam Cavitation Erosion Damage

Weld seam restored by Wet Welding

Weld seam restored by Wet Welding

Cavitation Erosion Damage restoration with wet welding

Cavitation Erosion Damage restoration with wet welding

Utilizing  the approved procedures, welder divers restored the affected weld seams on rudders on two vessels this past month thus allowing the vessels to remain in service.  One vessel operating in the Cruise Industry and another vessel operating in the Container ship trade experienced considerable erosion of their weld seams in the rudder.  With this excessive erosion, the class societies were forced to put a notation on the rudders and set time table for the execution of repairs in the dry dock.  Since both vessels were far from their next scheduled dry docking period, Subsea Global Solutions was contacted to evaluate in-water options.

Repairs on both vessels were executed while they remained in service.  By performing weld seam restoration with the wet welding process, the vessels could perform cargo operations at the same time that welder divers from Subsea Global Solutions completed the work efficiently without delaying any of the vessel’s schedules.  Over sequential attendances, both repairs were completed to the satisfaction of the attending surveyor.

DCIM100GOPROIn both cases the erosion damage was considerable.  Large sections of weld seam were eroded away in some areas with other smaller pockets of eroded weld seams were found in other locations on the rudder blades.  The weld seams were restored with the parent metal using Hydroweld 3.2 mm mild steel electrodes.  Once welding was completed, magnetic particle Inspections were performed to the restored areas and no linear indications were sighted.

Delivering unrivaled service starts with recognizing the need and adapting to fulfill the work completely, efficiently and cost effectively.  Allowing a class recognized repair to be performed while these vessels remained in service, efficiently reduced the risk profile for class and the vessel owner.

Subsea Global Solutions Is your service partner for all in-water maintenance and repair.  We remain available anywhere, any time.

PRONTO……..-Trident Italia Srl- Open for Business!

SGS-Italy-01Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Livorno, Italy.  Trident Italia Srl is a newly formed subsidiary of Trident BV,  Subsea Global Solutions’ European founding member.  With the addition of this new location, Trident BV is able to support the entire portfolio of services supported by Subsea Global Solutions on the Italian peninsula with local resources.

“This new location supports our philosophy to deliver rapid cost effective solutions through unrivaled service.  We are proud to have local Italian presence in our new “fully equipped” home port location.”
 Adrie Huijbregts, Managing Director of Trident BV

Offices are located in Livorno Italy,  and all equipment is mobile and can be easily transported to all suitable ports in Italy for any services in our Subsea Global Solutions portfolio.

Please feel free to contact:

Trident Italia Srl
Via delle Cateratte 84 int 16/17
57122 Livorno

Manager / Administrator: Richard Zoltowski
Phone: +39 05861751922
Fax: +39 05861752148


Drill Rigs and Offshore vessels- Big Thrusters require the Right Solutions!

IMG_1630Subsea Global Solutions has remained very busy in early 2014 supporting several oil and gas clients with inspections, maintenance and thruster exchanges.  Working both in-shore and off-shore, unique underwater solutions were developed for various semi-submersible and crane vessels to safely, efficiently and effectively complete the scope of work.

The exchange of large demountable azimuthing thrusters is a systematic process that involves close coordination between inboard operations, outboard operations and lifting services.  This systematic approach is quite straight forward when performed in-shore in sheltered areas, but when performed almost 100 nautical miles OFFSHORE in the dead of winter, this systematic process takes on a new life of it’s own.  Unique processes with built in redundancy, specialized fit for purpose equipment and a concrete communication plan need to be in place to keep the work moving forward efficiently and safely for all personnel in and out of the water.  Developing a flexible dive plan with built in redundancy at all levels is essential when working in such conditions.  Current, sea state and strong winds made the location challenging especially when rigging 75 ton thrusters into position!  Subsea Maersk Developer- FixedGlobal Solutions provided all dive operation management, personnel and equipment to provide around the clock diving operations from multiple dive platforms both on and off the semi-submersible.  By remaining agile and able to adapt to the ever changing weather conditions, Subsea Global Solutions’ was able to provide continuous support for the thruster exchange process.  This allowed all work to be completed to the full satisfaction of the owner; even after others failed.

Bringing experience and a can-do attitude within the entire organization from top to bottom is what makes Subsea Global Solutions unique when performing these large projects in the Oil and Gas industry.

Demountable Azimuthing thrusterSimultaneously in other parts of the world, Subsea Global Solutions  was servicing two other oil and gas installations.  One Drill Ship required a detailed Underwater Inspection in-Lieu of dry docking (UWILD) for class while the other vessel, a large crane ship, required the exchange of demountable propulsion azimuthing thrusters weighing approximately 60 tons.  Both projects took place in the Caribbean.  Operating efficiently within the time parameters and dive windows in accordance with both vessel operator’s stringent diving regulations has made Subsea Global Solutions the company’s “turn to” resource for all of their diving needs.

The Oil and Gas market is enjoying Subsea Global Solutions’ professionalism from start to finish.  Delivering on its core values of quality and safety, Subsea Global Solutions has demonstrated that Quality Service is “not an Act but a Habit”.  Additionally Subsea Global Solutions has demonstrated that Safety’s the “Golden thread woven into our culture”.   Let us demonstrate all of our core values for you!  We remain available at anytime to develop projects with you.

Stabilizers- When Oil and water Mix- No one is happy!

DSC04105Stabilizers play in an important role on cruise vessels.  They help keep the “cargo” from complaining and help keep the martinis on the table tops as the vessel cruises the high seas.  However, when seals leak on the stabilizers, no one is happy.  While operating in the Mediterranean, a stabilizer on a cruise vessel experienced excessive sea water ingress.  This forced the unit to be taken out of service and housed.  The Lube Oil system was contaminated with sea water causing concerns of mechanical damage to the Stabilizer drive system and concerns of oil release to the environment.  With a full itinerary and no scheduled dry docking on the horizon the client contacted Subsea Global Solutions to evaluate options.

DSC04090Subsea Global Solutions is the leader in the development of flexible Hyperbaric Cofferdams for various applications which require a temporary dry environment formed in a normally wet area of a vessel.  Considering the seal type installed on this stabilizer and to perform a permanent Class and OEM approved repair, a Hyperbaric dry environment needed to be developed so that new seal rings could be installed.  This required Subsea Global Solutions to engineer a flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam that would encapsulate the stabilizer seal pocket.  With in-house engineering staff and specialized 3-D design and modeling software, Subsea Global Solutions engineered the necessary Flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam for this type of application.  Since this repair has never been executed underwater before a proper engineered solution was required.  Subsea Global Solutions together with the stabilizer and seal manufacturer evaluated the technical details of this repair and determined that a safe and DSC04089efficient process of repair could be performed .  Subsea Global Solutions is the preferred and approved underwater service company globally approved by the OEM to bond these seal rings underwater.  With this in mind, a repair procedure was developed together with a detailed time line in order to perform the work without taking the vessel out of service or affecting the vessels itinerary.

In the port prior to the underwater intervention, Subsea Global Solutions loaded all of the gear onboard and set up the gear for the intervention.  With the gear and dive station prepared in advance, immediately upon arrival to the repair port of call, diver technicians entered the water.  Utilizing Subsea Global Solutions‘ “A” class wet welding procedures, all attachment points for the flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam were properly positioned and installed.  Once the flexible Hyperbaric Cofferdam was installed, the diver technicians dewatered the space and went to work in a dry and controlled environment.  The existing seal assembly was disassembled and the problem was immediately identified.  Defective rubber seal rings were removed and brought to the surface for evaluation.  With the problem isolated and new seal rings in hand, Subsea Global Solutions bonded the new seal rings in accordance with the OEM’s approved vulcanizing process.  Utilizing the same bonding equipment, adhesives and process used in the dry dock by the OEM, Subsea Global Solutions performed the work with it’s factory trained and certified OEM diver technicians, Subsea Global Solutions completed the work without delay or schedule changes for the client.  This repair was performed in accordance with the OEM’s approved process and received Class’ approval as the repair being considered permanent.

DSC04099Start to finish, the team performed the entire seal renewal in less than the thirty (30) hour port stay of the vessel.  This allowed the vessel to remain in service and not be delayed on it’s cruise.  With the stabilizer back in service, the cargo could enjoy a nice smooth ride and the martinis stayed put!  Making the impossible possible is what Subsea Global Solutions is all about.  We remain on the forefront of developing new repair alternatives.  Bring your problem to us and let’s see what we can develop for you!