Class “A” Wet Welding- When only the best will do-SGS delivers!

Subsea Global Solutions continues to invest in the development of personnel.  With a full time / fully employed work force of Diver / Technicians and 3 training facilities strategically situated around the Welding class 2world, Subsea Global Solutions is able to maintain a consistent workforce of best in class certified underwater wet Diver / Welders.  Subsea Global Solutions has pioneered the development and certification process of its wet welding procedures in order to achieve class “A” quality wet welds each and every time.   Subsea Global Solutions Diver / Welders are coded to this proprietary procedure in four positions with five classification societies- ABS, LR, DNV GL and BV.

An “A” class wet weld is the highest quality weld classification as outlined by the American Welding Societies’ (AWS) D3.6M: 2010 Underwater Welding Code; the current industry standard for wet and dry Hyperbaric welding.  Class “A “ welds have the comparable metallurgical properties to above Welding class 3water welds.  Most Diver / Welders are able to achieve AWS D3.6M: 2010 Class “B” wet welds- which can be used for less critical applications The final classification of AWS D3.6M: 2010 is an “O” class weld which must meet the requirements of a different code or standard (outside of AWS D3.6M), defined by the customer.  Delivering consistent wet welds that meet the same NDE and metallurgical properties, as an equivalent “Topside” weld requires highly skilled personnel, an advanced training curriculum and detailed procedures.  The same metallurgical properties mean that strength, hardness, ductility, elongation and other properties of the wet welded connection is equivalent to topside weld welded completely dry.

Welding class 4Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce that we have qualified an additional 8 diver / welders to this stringent code in various weld positions.  This brings our total count of coded “A” class wet welders to greater than 45 world wide with more and more to come.  Representatives from the following major classification societies witnessed qualification welding: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and Lloyd’s Register (LR).   Solutions is in our name and welding is our game, so let us apply these advanced welding alternatives to your vessels.  Adding more coded class “A” wet welding personnel to our game gives us the flexibility to deliver the unrivaled service you expect from the market leader in underwater ship repair and maintenance.

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