Curacao- your next Oil and Gas Destination

Paragon DPDS12Lots of tourists flock to Curacao for it’s crystal clear water, excellent weather conditions and “Customer Focused” approach to service.  Curacao maintains one of the deepest sheltered anchorages in the world and is strategically located in the transit route between West Africa to the Gulf of Mexico, or Brazil to the Gulf of Mexico.   Curacao also boasts the leader in global underwater ship maintenance and repair Subsea Global Solutions.  Considering all of these factors Paragon Offshore took the opportunity to perform some critical service in Curacao while transiting into the Gulf of Mexico.

While on route to the Gulf of Mexico, Paragon’s dynamically positioned drillship DPDS1 stopped over in Curacao to demount two azimuthing thrusters before it came into the Gulf of Mexico.  Paragon’s choice of Curacao was simple due to the factors stated above and the previously great experience they had working  with Subsea Global Solutions in this location.  Paragon required Subsea Global Solutions to provide all of the resources outboard the vessel including all the necessary cranes, barges, boats, fendering systems and of course professional Diver / Technicians.  An innovative rigging system was designed and supplied by Subsea Global Solutions so that the thruster demounting process could be performed efficiently and safely.  Since Curacao is one of Subsea Global Solutions’ home ports, all the required resources were available for Paragon’s use.
Paragon DPDS1-21With all plans, procedures, risk assessments and engineering completed, Subsea Global Solutions proceeded to outfit the barges and vessels with the necessary equipment to support the thruster demounting process.  Upon the vessel’s arrival in Curacao, Subsea Global Solutions mobilized into the anchorage with its team.  With project coordination meetings completed and lock out / tag out completed with the ship’s crew and inboard thruster service team, Subsea Global Solutions began the process of preparing each thruster for underwater demounting.  Diver / Technicians dove directly underneath the drillship and opened access panels for thruster rigging.  Rigging was installed and thruster demounting was monitored continuously underwater by our diver / technicians.  Once each thruster was completely demounted each thruster was brought top side and loaded on the drillship’s deck for its continued transit into the Gulf of Mexico.  Cover plates were installed over the thruster openings in the ship’s hull and the hull was prepared for its transit to the Gulf of Mexico.  To assist with the fuel efficiency of the vessel while it completed it’s transit to the Gulf of Mexico a complete Hull Cleaning was performed and the Propellers of the retractable azimuthing thrusters were polished.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe DPDS1 left on schedule its fixed mounted azimuthing thrusters demounted and were on deck for the remainder of the voyage.  Paragon Offshore was very satisfied with the services provided and looks forward to “vacation again” with its offshore assets in Curacao.  Subsea Global Solutions is your global resource for unrivaled service.  Take a vacation and leave your underwater rig repair or service to us!  Curacao is your fully inclusive service location with Subsea Global Solutions leading the way!

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