Drill Rigs and Offshore vessels- Big Thrusters require the Right Solutions!

IMG_1630Subsea Global Solutions has remained very busy in early 2014 supporting several oil and gas clients with inspections, maintenance and thruster exchanges.  Working both in-shore and off-shore, unique underwater solutions were developed for various semi-submersible and crane vessels to safely, efficiently and effectively complete the scope of work.

The exchange of large demountable azimuthing thrusters is a systematic process that involves close coordination between inboard operations, outboard operations and lifting services.  This systematic approach is quite straight forward when performed in-shore in sheltered areas, but when performed almost 100 nautical miles OFFSHORE in the dead of winter, this systematic process takes on a new life of it’s own.  Unique processes with built in redundancy, specialized fit for purpose equipment and a concrete communication plan need to be in place to keep the work moving forward efficiently and safely for all personnel in and out of the water.  Developing a flexible dive plan with built in redundancy at all levels is essential when working in such conditions.  Current, sea state and strong winds made the location challenging especially when rigging 75 ton thrusters into position!  Subsea Maersk Developer- FixedGlobal Solutions provided all dive operation management, personnel and equipment to provide around the clock diving operations from multiple dive platforms both on and off the semi-submersible.  By remaining agile and able to adapt to the ever changing weather conditions, Subsea Global Solutions’ was able to provide continuous support for the thruster exchange process.  This allowed all work to be completed to the full satisfaction of the owner; even after others failed.

Bringing experience and a can-do attitude within the entire organization from top to bottom is what makes Subsea Global Solutions unique when performing these large projects in the Oil and Gas industry.

Demountable Azimuthing thrusterSimultaneously in other parts of the world, Subsea Global Solutions  was servicing two other oil and gas installations.  One Drill Ship required a detailed Underwater Inspection in-Lieu of dry docking (UWILD) for class while the other vessel, a large crane ship, required the exchange of demountable propulsion azimuthing thrusters weighing approximately 60 tons.  Both projects took place in the Caribbean.  Operating efficiently within the time parameters and dive windows in accordance with both vessel operator’s stringent diving regulations has made Subsea Global Solutions the company’s “turn to” resource for all of their diving needs.

The Oil and Gas market is enjoying Subsea Global Solutions’ professionalism from start to finish.  Delivering on its core values of quality and safety, Subsea Global Solutions has demonstrated that Quality Service is “not an Act but a Habit”.  Additionally Subsea Global Solutions has demonstrated that Safety’s the “Golden thread woven into our culture”.   Let us demonstrate all of our core values for you!  We remain available at anytime to develop projects with you.

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