Holes in the Hull- Temporary Shell plate Repairs- Jan 2017

While operating in the Caribbean a vessel became aware that they were getting water ingress into one of the void tanks under the main propeller shaft. Subsea Global Solutions was contacted and after a discussion with the class surveyor, vessel management and Subsea Global Solutions engineering staff, it was decided to install a welded doubler plate to cover the breach in the hull during one of the vessels regular port calls. Subsea Global Solutions mobilized a crew to perform Ultrasonic thickness readings to gauge the integrity of the hull plating. Measurements were taken and the plate was fabricated.

Work began on the damaged area of the shell plate and a two-part marine epoxy was applied to seal the hole. The surrounding area was cleaned and prepped so the doubler plate could be installed. The doubler plate was fully welded using a multi-pass fillet weld. The process used by Subsea Global Solutions’ welder / divers is a Class society approved, AWS Class “A” weld.  By utilizing this multi-bead process our welder / divers are able to achieve weld qualities with metallurgical properties consistently found in high class top side welds.  Upon completion of the welding, all the welds and the heat affected parent metal was properly coated with an underwater epoxy.

The vessel sailed into the sunset safe and secure.  Delivering unrivaled in-water service at a moments notice is what Subsea Global Solutions is all about.  We are the GLOBAL RESOURCE to turn to for your in-service underwater maintenance and repairs. We remain available to support your needs anywhere and at any time.

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