In-Water Repairs- THE ONLY SOLUTION!

DSC01798Specialty vessels require unique methods of repair to keep them in service and on location.  One such vessel is a specialized dynamically positioning offshore loading and offloading system for tankers.  Since this vessel is purpose built for a very specific operation offshore, repair facilities were unavailable at the vessels current location to support the repair of the critical azimuthing thrusters.  Considering the critical nature of this equipment, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) together with the vessel’s operators approached Subsea Global Solutions to develop an innovative method to overhaul the thrusters in image005a completely dry environment in accordance with the OEM’s requirements.  Utilizing a proven process of repair already applied to Semi-Submersible rigs around the world by Subsea Global Solutions a specialized collapsible Hyperbaric cofferdam was designed and built by Subsea Global Solutions.  With a full compliment of structural, weld and mechanical engineers on staff fully employed by Subsea Global Solutions, the specialized hyperbaric cofferdam was engineered and fabricated in the European office of Subsea Global Solutions.  In parallel to this engineering and fabrication project, the operations team worked together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer to develop an installation specific time line and repair procedure for the overhaul of the three dynamically positioning azimuthing thrusters.

DSC02012One-by-one, the expert diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions performed the entire 5 year maintenance of the azimuthing thrusters underwater in a dry hyperbaric environment.  This service included the replacement of the main shaft seal, all controllable pitch propeller blade palm seals, steering seal inspection and replacement as needed as well as critical inspection and maintenance to the propellers and other running gear.  All work was performed by OEM trained and certified diver / technicians who received unique thruster service training at the OEM’s training academy.  As the only OEM recommended global diving contractor, Subsea Global Solutions personnel enjoy the opportunity to receive OEM service engineer training and certification just like the OEM’s service personnel.  With this specialized training and skilled personnel, OEM authorized and warranted repairs were performed by Subsea Global Solutions together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

With thrusters freshly overhauled, the dynamically positioning offshore loading / unloading station left Europe for it’s next location in South America.  Next time Subsea Global Solutions sees the vessel will be at it’s permanent offshore location.  Subsea Global Solutions, your trusted resource for unrivaled service.

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