January 2013 Newsletter

Dear Rick,
Happy New Year to each and everyone of you.  We are hopeful that you had a chance to relax and enjoy the holiday season.  The member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance remained very busy through the holidays topping it off with a major repair on New Year’s eve.  The shipping industry never rests, so either can we if we are delivering unrivaled service.January has kept our member companies very busy performing complex repairs around the world.  We have found ourselves performing major repairs in North America, South America, Central America, Europe and New Zealand this past month.  With a dedicated work force that continues to grow and prosper, we continue to invest in the development of specialized equipment and trained personnel to meet your vessel’s needs.

This month we performed interesting propeller repairs, performed propeller efficiency upgrades as well as successfully completed tunnel thruster exchanges and repairs.  Additionally we found ourselves performing a permanent overboard pipe installation to accommodate the installation of an exhaust gas scrubber on a vessel in service.  With IMO air quality regulation in full swing, operators are looking for in-water installation processes to avoid taking vessels out of service to meet the required regulatory requirements.  Read on to learn more how we can make this wish into reality!

We thank each and everyone of you for your continued patronage and support.  We look forward to remaining your partner in underwater ship maintenance and repair.  Please feel free to contact any one of us at any time.

Sincerely Yours,


Rick Shilling

Subsea Solutions Alliance

Monthly Summary of Major Projects Performed by the Subsea Solutions Alliance
The Subsea Solutions Alliance was very busy in January meeting the needs of the industry by performing multiple high value repairs in various ports around the world. The summary below illustrates just some of the major projects performed. 

Two Aft Shaft seals were replaced at the same time with flexible hyperbaric cofferdams in Mexico

One Propeller efficiency upgrade was performed in Panama

One Propeller repair with cold static load straightening was performed in Europe

One Tunnel thruster repair was performed in a flexible hyperbaric cofferdam in Europe

One Tunnel thruster exchange was performed in a flexible hyperbaric cofferdam in Europe

One Tunnel thruster exchange was performed with our OEM Partner on the US West Coast

One Tunnel thruster repair was performed in a flexible hyperbaric cofferdam on the US East Coast

One Tunnel thruster repair was performed wet in New Zealand

One permanent pipe weld repair was performed on the US East Coast

One permanent shell plate repair was performed on the US West Coast

One Tunnel thruster tunnel wet weld repair was performed on the US East Coast

One Rope guard repair and installation was performed in the Caribbean

Need an overboard discharge pipe- but want to stay in the water….Permanent class approved spool pipe insertions
Global regulatory requirements are requiring ship owners to limit their NOx discharge into the environment.  To meet these stringent IMO Marpol Annex VI requirements as well as regional requirements in the United States and Europe, ship owners are turning to exhaust gas scrubbers to meet the strict discharge limits.  Most exhaust gas scrubbers require sea water supply or they discharge affluent to the sea.  Since most vessels do not have spare overboard spool pipes in their sea chests, these pipes must be added; either in the dry dock or better yet while the vessel remains in service. 

The engineering department of the Subsea Solutions Alliance has developed a class approved process for spool pipe insertion with minimal to no delay in a vessels schedule.  Combining the engineering expertise of our structural engineering department together with our welding division, a complete repair procedure and timeline can be developed prior to the execution of the repair.  By providing this information up front, ship owners can work together with scrubber manufacturers, class societies and their charterers to have pre-approval of the plan prior to the start of work.  Once work begins the attending surveyor confirms compliance with the approved procedure minimizing and in most cases eliminating any discussion or delays in permanent approval of the work.


The process incorporates the Subsea Solutions Alliance’s approved “A” class wet welding procedures that exceed the requirements as outlined by ANSI / AWS D3.6M: 1999 together with class approved structural and metallurgical repair methods.  A complete weld design is developed together with the necessary pre-heat, post-heat and quality assurance checks.  All Non-destructive testing and coordination with the attending surveyor is managed by expert project managers from the Subsea Solutions Alliance together with content experts of the engineering department.  Top side welders, on staff within the Subsea Solutions Alliance are coded to all major classification society requirements for the performance of permanent single sided and two-sided weld repairs.


The Subsea Solutions Alliance has performed several of these spool pipe insertions over the past year culminating with an additional one being performed this past month on the US East Coast.  ONE Call that’s all and you have access to the global leaders in “in-water” ship repairs and upgrades.  We are able to provide complete turn-key solutions that incorporate the engineering, project management and other resources required to perform these critical repairs.  Please let us know what we can do for you by contacting us within the Subsea Solutions Alliance.



Instant fuel consumption savings!

Propulsion System Improvements- Propeller Boss Cap Fin

With fuel consumption on every ship owner’s mind, the ability to deliver propulsion system efficiency improvements that deliver IMMEDIATE results is highly desirable. The Subsea Solutions Alliance has developed an in-water process for the installation of
Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF’s) in a minimal 12-hour period. The payback period is short and the upgrade can be performed completely underwater while a vessel is loaded without trimming. This gives ship owners the option to perform efficiency upgrades to the propeller while the vessel remains on charter. One such example of this service was performed in January 2013 when the Subsea Solutions Alliance member company Miami Diver LLC performed a PBCF installation while a vessel waited to go through the Panama Canal.   While in the anchorage, the existing propeller boss cap was removed and brought to the surface. Using the same installation procedure as outlined by the manufacturer for installation in the dry dock but modified for in-water installation, a new propeller boss cap was fitted with wake field stabilization fins installed without delay. Upon completion, the bolts were torqued to their proper specification and underwater epoxy was applied to fair in the bolt holes as required. The propeller improvement delivered immediate results and allowed the vessel to remain on schedule to pass through the Canal. Developing underwater processes for efficiency improvements that conform to vessel’s schedules is what makes the Subsea Solutions Alliance the underwater service company of choice because it delivers unrivaled service.

Bent Blades- Why cut when you can straighten?In-Situ underwater propeller blade straightening

  Prop repair- halifax- beforeBent propeller blades can adversely affect propulsion system performance, cause significant vibrations, create overloading issues with propulsion engines and causes the propeller to become IMMEDIATELY less efficient. A typical dive contractor resorts to cropping affected blade tips requiring ship owners to perform expensive and highly difficult propeller repairs during their next dry docking interval. The Subsea Solutions Alliance has the ability to straighten large bends in propeller blades restoring blades to their original geometry with a class approved peProp repair- halifax- afterrmanent process without affecting the metallurgical structure of the blade material.  Recently a cold static load straightening was performed on a vessel in Europe by the Subsea Solutions Alliance’s European member Trident BV after the ship owner was unable to get a satisfactory repair from a local dive contractor. Once the propeller was inspected by diver / Propeller experts it was determined that the bends in the propeller could be restored back to their originally geometry. Based on the inspection, it was estimated that the repair could be restored in 10 to 12 hours once started. The owner requested immediate mobilization of the patented cold static load straightening press and personnel to the vessel for repairs.

Within hours of mobilization the propeller blades were restored to their original geometry and the vessel’s performance was restored. The Subsea Solutions Alliance remains the leader in underwater propeller repair. Let us show you what our innovative solutions can do for you!

The Subsea Solutions Alliance (SSA) consists of underwater ship repair specialists: Miami Diver LLC, Parker Diving Service LLC and Trident BV.  With a dedicated staff of over 150 diver / technicians globally, the SSA has revolutionized the methods of repair for ship equipment underwater.  Through a common shared system of dive equipment, specialty tools and diver personnel, the SSA is able to mobilize quickly anywhere throughout the world with diver / factory trained service technicians for most OEM equipment.  From the replacement of aft propeller shaft seals to the exchange of thrusters to the straightening of large bends in propellers, SSA has become the OEM’s choice for all types of complex repairs.  With class approved techniques and a highly motivated and trained staff, the SSA is the clear choice for vessels operating in sensitive environments on critical trade routes.Please feel free to contact:
Rick Shilling
Phone: +1-914-826-0045
E-Mail: subseasolutionsinfo@gmail.com
Website: www.subseasolutions.com

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