My Stabilizer sprung a leak!- Underwater Crux Seal exchange

DSC00126While cruising the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea, water ingress was reported on one of the vessel’s stabilizer fins.  After consultation with the equipment manufacturer it was determined that an in-water inspection and potential repair was required.  With no experience performing this type of repair underwater, the client and Original Equipment manufacturer turned to Subsea Global Solutions for support.  Mobilizing from our location in The Netherlands, Diver / Technicians arrived in Italy to closely inspect and repair the stabilizer crux seal package due to this leakage.

Initially the upper retaining ring to the stabilizer crux seal package was removed.  The first seal package was replaced underwater with spare parts found on board.  With the seal package properly installed and properly positioned, the retaining ring was reinstalled and torqued to manufacturer’s specifications.  The Inspection continued to the lower crux seal assembly.  Upon inspection, damage to the seal package was reported by the Diver / Technicians.  A portion of the first seal package was seen protruding past the retaining ring between the crux and retaining ring.  The lower retaining ring was removed, and the first seal package was removed.    After removing the first seal package an abnormality was seen by the diver / technicians so more seal rings were removed.  All seals were removed and it was determined that the #4 last hard seal split ends were overlapping rather than being flush.  This defective seal was removed, and cut to the proper length.  With the seal properly installed, the diver / technicians replaced the remaining seals.  With all seal packs properly installed the lower retaining ring was reinstalled and torqued to the Manufacturers specifications.  The vessel continued on it’s voyage without any interruption to the schedule with it’s crux seal leakage repaired!

Subsea Global Solutions again delivers unrivaled service.  Considering the fact that the Original Equipment Manufacturer never before performed a repair of this magnitude underwater, we have developed yet another new process of repair.  With our in-house engineering and experienced operations teams available 24 / 7, developing unique installation specific repair procedures is business as usual.  This client and Original Equipment Manufacturer continue to enjoy the quality and dedication to serve of each and every member within the Subsea Global Solutions’ team.  Let us demonstrate to you what we can do!

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