Propeller Anti-Sing Edge – August 2017

As the summer begins to wind down, crews across all Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) offices are busy with various ship and construction projects. This month, SGS got the call to head north to Alaska, where a cruise vessel required an inspection on the propeller’s anti-singing edge (ASE) profile. The vessel could not utilize some cabins onboard the vessel due to excessive propeller noise at certain operating conditions.  SGS diver / propeller technicians entered the water and carefully inspected the condition of the blades. After close consultation with the client and a review of the operating issues the vessel was experiencing, it was determined that a new ASE profile installation was necessary.

ASE as found

ASE application by SGS dive / propeller technicians

The new ASE profile measurements were then scribed on all blades for both port and starboard propellers. The propeller blade trailing edges were effectively re-profiled using specialized hydraulic equipment specifically designed for quick and accurate edge restoration. Once complete, the OEM trained diver / propeller technicians hand filled the profiles of the newly formed anti-sing edge to OEM specifications.


New ASE applied

The new edge successfully removed the singing, and allowed the vessel to begin re-booking the cabins that had been previously cancelled due to the noise. The vessel was able to depart on schedule, and the cruise line was happy to welcome more guests on board!  Subsea Global Solutions is your “One Source For Global Underwater Solutions”.

Blade Removal – July 2017

Last month, SGS Miami received an emergency call from a cruise vessel that was experiencing vibration in one of it’s propulsion units. An oil analysis of metal content proved that there was high probability of a component failure in the propulsion unit, which would increase the probability of a total loss to the propulsion unit. Working alongside the client, it was decided to secure the propulsion unit by removing the blades to prevent freewheeling during sailing.

The prep work was done during prior attendances to accommodate the vessel’s sailing schedule.  This ensured that the vessel could maintain its scheduled itinerary with no prolonged port stays. The prep workconsisted of the removal of the epoxy setting, welding of rigging pad eyes, the removal of blade lifting plugs, and the removal of bolt keepers.

When blade removal day arrived during the next scheduled call, SGS diver technicians removed all blades from the propulsion unit in record time!  As SGS has performed this service several times on prior vessels we were happy to report that this project was the most efficient and fastest this job has ever been performed! The client was thoroughly impressed by both how quickly we could provide them with a solution, and at how efficiently our operations progressed.  The vessel departed on schedule with SGS completing the work several hours early!

At SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS we will always strive to exceed expectations – providing our clients with the most innovative, cost effective, high quality underwater solutions – anywhere in the world.

Propeller Straightening – June 2017

One morning in June, SGS Vancouver was contacted by a vessel in nearby Victoria, that was reporting excessive engine load and a significant shaft rate vibration. A dive team, including a Level III Propeller Service Engineer, were mobilized and onsite later that afternoon.

The initial inspection revealed that a large deflection in one trailing edge tip was the source of the engine loading and vibration. Our Propeller Service Engineer discussed repair options with the vessel’s Chief Engineer and Superintendent in the Far East. The client advised they would contact the propeller OEM to seek their advice, who in turn confirmed that SGS is their authorized underwater service provider, and that underwater straightening would indeed be their best option. The next morning, the repair was fully authorized and the vessel repositioned to Vancouver anchorage as it was the most cost effective location with suitable conditions for the repair.

Although our large press system was in Halifax, on the east coast of Canada completing another repair job for another client, we were able to expedite overnight service, delivering the press to our dive support barge by 0500 hrs one day after we completed the inspection. Within 6 hours of the works beginning (and less than 80 hours after the initial call), the job was completed to the satisfaction of the attending surveyor. The deflected section of the blade was restored to design geometry, along with a grinding and fairing repair of minor mechanical contact damage. Following a sea trial, the vessel’s Chief Engineer reported that all engine parameters and vibration levels had been restored to pre-damage values, and the vessel continued the voyage to Asia with a complete permanent propeller repair.

Deflected blade before straightening

Trailing edge after straightening

Unrivaled service at a moment’s notice has become the cornerstone of what we can provide for you at SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS. We are ready to support your needs around the world, at any time.

Thruster Changeout – July 2017

Over Canada Day, one of the many cruise vessels that pay a visit to Vancouver required service. During a normal port stay the SGS Vancouver team was tasked with removing one of the bow thrusters from the vessel. In order to carry out the extraction in a timely fashion, all preparation work was carried out a week earlier by a SGS team while the vessel was cruising in Alaska. In Vancouver, the thruster removable gear / propeller assembly was removed from the gear case and transferred to an awaiting crane. The thruster is currently being reconditioned by a local workshop together with the OEM technicians. When completed, the thruster will be reinstalled by SGS divers during a voyage layover. The experience was made especially memorable with Canada Day fireworks overhead while rigging the thruster from the water.

Subsea Global Solutions is your trusted resource to deliver unrivaled service anywhere and at any time globally.  We look forward to supporting your emergency and maintenance needs throughout the world.


Rudder Repair – March 2017

During a class inspection in Kingston, Jamaica, SGS noted severe material erosion to a container vessel’s rudder blade and rudder horn. The erosion was located on various areas of the rudder horn and blade and was so severe that it was allowing water ingress into the rudder.  The attending surveyor placed a condition of class on the vessel and required that it be permanently repaired within the next month.  With another two and a half years of operation in sight for the customer, drydock was not an appealing option so they requested SGS to evaluate an in-water permanent repair for this damage.

While SGS was developing a repair procedure to be submitted to class society’s damage department, material samples were taken from both the rudder horn and blade to determine its wet weld-ability.  Analysis showed the blade was conducive for wet welding, but the horn was not as it required pre/post heat treatments.  A strategic game plan was developed and approved by the customer and class to permanently repair these areas based on the material sample findings.  This repair procedure incorporated both wet and top side welding processes using SGS approved procedures.

Weeks of logistics were discussed and planned so that the vessel could attend the SGS home port location of Tampa, Florida for a scheduled repair.  the repair involved both SGS and the local shipyard.  The vessel unloaded cargo and shifted additional containers to trim the vessel so that the rudder horn was out of water for surface welding operations.  SGS could then repair the rudder blade in water and dewater the rudder while the shipyard repaired the rudder horn and the dewatered rudder locations in the dry.  Coded Welder / Divers were flown in from multiple offices to work around the clock for the scheduled time frame.  Working together as a team, both SGS and the local shipyard solved issues as a team while ensuring the best quality for the customer.

The result was that a rudder horn insert plate was permanently installed along with eroded areas were restored through “build – up” welding of multiple areas on the rudder blade and horn.  All areas passed NDE requirements and both the blade and the horn were dewatered prior to the vessel departed.  Class removed the condition of class and approved the repair as permanent.  The vessel once again resumed its normal schedule.

Operations and Safety Management teams unite!-April 2017

During the past month, Subsea Global Solutions has been busy integrating it’s global operations into one unified corporation.  With the addition of personnel and resources located in offices throughout Canada (Halifax, Saint John, Vancouver), the United States (Port Angeles, Washington state) and Korea (Busan), it is important to bring all of our people together to harmonize operating processes and safety procedures.

Subsea Global Solutions held an operations summit and safety conference in its headquarters city of Miami Florida, USA.  Attendees from EVERY Subsea Global Solutions location were in attendance.  Job management processes, operational efficiency, safety management, safety procedures and best practice exchanges were discussed.

SGS Global Operations Team with Management

SGS Global Safety and Management

By bringing our people together uniting with one purpose and consistent core values, we will strengthen our delivery to our valued clientele.  We are THE ONE SOURCE FOR GLOBAL UNDERWATER SOLUTIONS that shall deliver unrivaled service through these core values:

  • Safety: Every Day – Everyone
  • Innovative and Creative:  Making the Impossible Possible
  • Integrity: The Cornerstone of our success
  • Customer Focused: Exceeding Expectations

Our global corporation looks forward to continuing to lead the way in service delivery to customers all around the world.

All Hands on deck- SGS Unites!-March 2017

As announced in early March, Subsea Global Solutions completed the acquisition of All-Sea Underwater Solutions.  This acquisition allows us to provide enhanced service support to our clientele by:

  • Expanding our portfolio of services
  • Growing our unified global footprint of wholly owned subsidiaries
  • Adding stability to our business for organic and acquisition growth
  • Strengthens our pool of qualified Diver / Technicians
  • Expands our technical resources so that we can continue to innovate and create innovative underwater solutions

Subsea Global Solutions was put to the test DAYS into the announcement of this acquisition.  A vessel operating on a time critical cruise itinerary developed a leak in its shaft seal.  This emergency required Subsea Global Solutions to engage it’s global network to deploy personnel and equipment to a port location in the Far East.  With the correct equipment assets strategically located in SGS’s Korea and Vancouver facilities, equipment was immediately dispatched to the required repair location.  Since the repair was time critical, trained and certified Diver / Technicians were deployed from SGS’s Korea, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and Vancouver locations.  Careful planning and timely execution was necessary for this time sensitive repair.  The rope guard was surgically removed using a carbon arc gouging system.  By utilizing this specialized technique the weld can be effectively removed without damaging the base metal; thus saving critical time in material preparation once the repair is completed.  With full access to the seal, the extent of the damage could be evaluated.  As seal lip ring renewals was required, the Diver / Technicians installed the Transhab, a flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam.  With precision and care the damaged seal lip rings were removed and replaced using a factory approved bonding process and bonding agent.  Once completed, Quality assurance pressure and measurement tests were performed to assure an OEM guaranteed repair was completed.  The rope guard was then welded back to the stern tube by coded welder / divers utilizing the class approved Class “A” wet welding procedures of Subsea Global Solutions.  With integrated equipment and all repair team members working to the same technical repair process, the repair was successfully completed utilizing the combined resources of Subsea Global Solutions LLC and its newly acquired subsidiary.

Subsea Global Solutions has pioneered the methodology to performing permanent repairs and replacements to shaft seals underwater in a wet or dry environment.    By working closely  with our OEM partners, Subsea Global Solutions sets the standard for shaft seal renewal while a vessel remains afloat and in service.  With the largest wholly owned footprint of any company in underwater ship repair, we are THE ONE SOURCE FOR GLOBAL UNDERWATER SOLUTIONS.

Subsea Global Solutions Acquisition of All-Sea Underwater Solutions Combination Creates global leader in providing underwater ship repair, maintenance and marine construction solutions


DENVER, March 02, 2017 – Lariat Partners, a Denver-based private equity firm, today announced that its portfolio company Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) has acquired All-Sea Underwater Solutions (All-Sea), creating a global leader in providing underwater ship maintenance, repair and marine construction solutions.

“We are excited to add All-Sea to the Subsea Global Solutions family which will expand our scope of services, further drive innovation, and broaden our global footprint,” said Paul Peters, Chief Executive Officer of SGS.  “We have worked together as partners in this industry for years and have always had a strong alignment of values and cultures.  It is great to now bring the entire team together as one.”

Vincent Cummings, CEO of All-Sea added, “This merger into Subsea Global Solutions gives our team the ability to continue our growth and better serve our clientele globally.  We are excited to finally merge with our friends and old alliance partners at SGS to deliver complex repairs to ship operators around the world.”

Jay Coughlon, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Lariat Partners, commented, “The combination of these two industry leading companies falls perfectly in line with our firm’s CORE investment strategy.  We look forward to further building this platform and helping the newly expanded SGS continue to drive innovation in the underwater maintenance and repair industry.”

 About SGS

Subsea Global Solutions is the globally formed corporation with wholly owned assets and personnel in Miami, Tampa, Long Beach, Galveston, Curacao, Trinidad, Seattle and Brazil. With dedicated staff situated globally, Subsea Global Solutions has revolutionized the methods of repair and maintenance for ships and advanced procedures used in underwater marine construction. Our name serves to accentuate the shared values of the SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS companies, and our commitment to be “The One Source for Global Underwater Solutions.”  All offices are approved by the major classification societies.

 About All-Sea

Established in 1978, All-Sea Underwater Solutions is a world leader in underwater ship repair and maintenance.  With locations in Vancouver, Halifax, and St. John, Canada as well as Busan, Korea and Port Angeles, Washington, All-Sea’s dive technicians are highly skilled, well trained and solution-focused with years of experience in all types of conditions.  All-Sea has developed specialized, proprietary equipment and procedures to carry out underwater maintenance and technical repairs to the highest standard, anywhere in the world.

 About Lariat Partners

Denver-based Lariat Partners is a private equity firm focused on redefining the private equity experience with entrepreneurs in the lower-middle market.  With its People First, Strategy Second relationship philosophy and its CORE Investment Strategy targeting COnsolidations, COnsumables and REcurring REvenue businesses, Lariat offers a differentiated approach to partnering with entrepreneurs and growing their middle market businesses.  The firm targets companies across a number of industries, including Specialty Agriculture, Environmental Services, Consumer Products and Maritime Services.  For more information, visit


Lariat Partners

Mac Hampden, 720-544-6230

Subsea Global Solutions Acquires All-Sea Underwater Solutions

Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce the acquisition of All-Sea Underwater Solutions. Together, we will be the global leader in providing underwater ship repair, maintenance and marine construction solutions. The closing of this transaction is effective 2 March 2017.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and inform you that we are excited about this transaction as it positions us for future growth and it provides us with more opportunities to serve you.  Some of the enhanced benefits that we anticipate include:

    1. Makes it easier for us to expand our portfolio of repair services so that we can respond faster throughout the world;
    2. Makes it easier for us to secure and service long-term fleet contracts based on a larger unified corporation with a bigger global footprint;
    3. Provides a more stable business platform to grow organically and through acquisition of companies globally;
    4. Strengthens our talent pool of Diver / Technicians so that we can support more jobs concurrently on a global basis.
    5. Expands our pool of technical resources so that we can continue to innovate new underwater value adding repair solutions to meet your needs.

As we go through this exciting transition, we will honor our existing commitments. We are confident that there will be no disruption in our services and you will continue to receive the excellent service that you are accustomed too.

Our Business Development representative will be in touch with you within the next two weeks to answer any questions you may have. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please send them to . We appreciate your business and we look forward to working with you in the near future.


Paul Peters Vincent Cummings
CEO President and CEO

Semisubmersible Rig Decomissioning- Feb 2017

Subsea Global Solutions
is the clients trusted resource for global underwater services.  Subsea Global Solutions owns their own strand jacks, has the trained and experienced personnel to prepare large azimuthing thrusters for underwater demounting and has successfully completed several large projects WITHOUT the huge expense of crane barges or secondary crane services.  By integrating all of the services underwater one corporate service umbrella, Subsea Global Solutions is a fully integrated Global Diving Contractor able to manage the entire schedule, cost and performance of azimuthing thruster demounting; even when the work is performed hundreds of miles offshore in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

During the past several weeks, a team of Subsea Global Solutions diver / technicians were onboard a dynamic positioning semisubmersible drill rig preparing the vessel for long term decommissioning.  This included the demounting and storing on deck the eight (8) azimuthing thrusters, blanking all sea chests as well as installing permanent covers over all thruster wells for long term decommissioning.  Since the work was done offshore, no crane barge was used and SGS developed a buoyancy controlled lifting solution to transfer the load to the vessel’s large crane.  In addition to all of the IN-WATER work, SGS performed the INBOARD work as well as provided SGS owned and operated Strand Jack systems for lowering the Azimuthing thrusters.

From initial planning to final reporting, Subsea Global Solutions executes all portions of the work in between.  The client feedback highlights the team’s professionalism, attention to detail and eye on safety.  “Captain __________ and myself thought you should know that Jason Campbell and his entire crew have done an outstanding job completing the removal of the thrusters on the vessel. This crew is very safety orientated and are thorough in the duties. Great job!!!”  

Please feel free to enjoy SGS’s team in action.  See the attached video compilation of the job from start to finish!

Delivering unrivaled service IN AND OUT of the water.  Subsea Global Solutions is your global resources for underwater solutions.