There’s always a first time for anything!- Stabilizer Fin extraction

image-4 Sometimes the impossible is made possible by just applying what you already know in a different form and fashion.  Subsea Global Solutions had the challenge to extract an entire stabilizer fin together with the Crux (Joint Connection) this past month on a cruise vessel that needed to maintain its schedule on a European Cruise.  Recognizing the critical nature of this repair, coupled with the challenging rigging to maneuver over 30 metric tons of fin and crux to the surface, Subsea Global Solutions developed a repair procedure and time line to execute this repair based on years of experience extracting ships equipment underwater.  By extracting the damaged stabilizer system with the vessel afloat, this allowed the Original Equipment Manufacturer to make the necessary critical repairs before the next schedule wet dock period in the fall later this year.

imageOnce the client contacted Subsea Global Solutions, a visit on board was performed by the engineering team to assess the in-board as well as out-board particulars of this specific stabilizer fin system.  Since the entire stabilizer fin and crux were planned to be removed for repair, it required specialized systems and a detailed process of repair to blank off the crux mating surfaces from the in-board side of the vessel so that rigging of the fin and crux could be performed just like in the dry dock; outboard of the vessel.  With critical vessel details now obtained from the on board visit experts from Subsea Global Solutions engineering department met with the Original Equipment Manufacturer to detail out a step by step, port-by-port time line and process of repair.  Once reviewed and approved, the team went to work.

Following the vessel from port to port, the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions prepared the stabilizer system for extraction.  This included all inboard preparations under the supervision of the Original Equipment Manufacturer together with preparing the outboard side for heavy rigging.  By utilizing certified diver / welders certified to Subsea Global Solutions‘ “A” class wet welding procedures, load rated pad eyes were effectively welded to the ship’s hull to support the execution of the extraction.  With all inboard and outboard preparations completed, “extraction day” arrived.  With a little over 48 hours in port, the stabilizer fin and crux assembly was extracted and brought to the surface with out fail.  This incorporated specialized rigging techniques and buoyancy control to “float” the unit to the surface in a controlled and safe fashion.  Once extracted, the system was swiftly packaged and sent to the Original Equipment Manufacturer for overhaul so that it maybe installed later this year.

This was the first time a stabilizer fin and crux was ever removed on a vessel still afloat.  With expertise and engineering resources in house, a complete repair procedure and time line was developed.  With this information the vessel management made the decision to keep the vessel in service and continue to generate revenue.  By performing unrivaled service, we are our customer’s trusted partners.  We remain available to support your needs at any time.  Big or small, your problem is our solution!


Africa-Here we come!

Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) has developed specialized methods of repair for ships that have been applied to vessels on a global basis.   These specialized types of repairs are not typically performed by diving contractors around the world and require innovative-engineered solutions with skilled and certified management and dive personnel.  While SGS maintains 7 offices throughout the world, with an 8th office to be announced shortly and over 100 fully employed diver / technicians, SGS is the market leader in specialized underwater ship repair.  Maintaining certification with all major classification societies at all of it’s facilities in AWS D3.6 “A” class wet welding techniques, maintaining a full time engineering staff including structural, weld and other engineering resources, SGS is able to maintain and continually pioneer specialized hyperbaric “dry” and “wet” repair procedures and equipment to support advanced underwater equipment repairs.  Through this spirit of invention, SGS maintains long-term agreements with major ship equipment suppliers and ship owners in various market segments.

Due to an increase in market demand for these types of advanced underwater repair solutions, SGS continues to expand it’s global foot print by qualifying strategic vetted partners who maintain the same focus on delivering unrivaled service, maintain personnel and equipment to the highest standard and are looking to form a strategic global partnership to work together on supporting “day to day” diving activities but also support advanced underwater vessel and equipment repair.

Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce it’s latest Vetted Partner, Subtech Group of Africa.  With eight (8) fully manned facilities along all coasts of Africa (West, East and South), Subtech Group is strategically located on the African continent with equipment and personnel to support the demands of ever growing customer base of Subsea Global Solutions.  Combining the local personnel and equipment with the expertise of Subsea Global Solutions’ skilled work force and specialized equipment will provide clientele with installations transiting the African continent with cost effective advanced underwater repair solutions not currently available throughout the African continent.

This unique partnership between the internationally renowned underwater ship repair company, Subsea Global Solutions with the Sub-Saharan African marine and sub-sea services leader, Subtech group provides unrivaled service to marine, offshore and other vessel operators throughout Africa.  Let us know what we can do for you.  We remain standing by to understand your requirements to service your marine installations on the African continent.

One ship, two complex repairs and one really happy client

In April 2013 a container vessel experienced water ingress into the stern tub and oil lost from its Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) blades seals. The client arranged an in water inspection and discussed the results with the experts of Subsea Global Solutions. Based on the findings, it was determined that the  CPP Propeller blade Palm seals and the Stern tube aft seal required replacement. Working together with the client the operations team of Subsea Global Solutions scheduled a class and OEM approved repair as soon as the vessel received all spare parts on board.

Working around the clock the stern tube aft seal was exchanged in a little over 48 hours.  Utilizing Subsea Global Solutions’  Transhab, an inflatable hyperbaric cofferdam, Subsea Sea Global Solutions’ factory trained and OEM certified diver / seal technicians completed the renewal of the aft seal in a completely climate controlled dry environment.  With this phase of the repair completed, the DSCN5865crew size was reduced to finish the replacement of the CPP Propeller blade Palm seals. The ship ballasted the stern out of the water so the prop was half out and the team changed the seals at the 12 o’clock position. Working together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer, the pitch oil system was isolated and prepared for the performance of an in water repair. With the system properly arranged the first propeller blade was released from the propeller hub. Once the blade was away, the team changed the seal, the seal ring and re-installed the propeller in accordance with the approved OEM and class approved procedure. The propeller blade bolts were then torqued to the proper settings and the same procedure was followed for the other blades.

Not long after the job was completed, the operations team at Subsea Global Solutions received an e-mail from the Technical Director of our client who witnessed the operations on site.   He stated “I enjoyed watching your team’s professional attitude, knowledge and kind of persuasive cool approach, i.e. “don’t worry & relax, we have seen it all and we are in control”, though still minding and respecting our specific needs at site.” To say the least, it is gratifying to read that we have DSCN5830delivered our services in line with our mission and vision by being your most valued and trusted resource through unrivaled service.

No job is too large and no job is too small for Subsea Global Solutions.  We value our relationships with our clients and aim to deliver.  This job exemplifies our depth and capabilities to deliver on time and approved results.  Subsea Global Solutions is the contractor on “speed Dial” on this clients phone.  Let’s demonstrate our capabilities to you!

Shaft Seal Replacement- Any time and Any Where

DSC02693While cruising the Mediterranean Sea a cruise vessel encountered excessive water leakage on one of its propulsion shaft seals.  Considering the severity of the situation, the client contacted Subsea Global Solutions to dive into action.  Maintaining specialized equipment in various locations throughout the world and maintaining fully certified diver / seal technicians on staff, a full compliment of qualified personnel and equipment was efficiently dispatched to the vessel.

Subsea Global Solutions’ operations team worked together with the vessel’s superintendent and operations staff to develop a time line for this repair to ensure the vessel would remain in service and NOT be delayed in any port of call.  This required Subsea Global Solutions to stage the gear prior to the vessels arrival.  Upon its arrival into a port in Italy, Subsea Global Solutions performed all of the preparatory work necessary to support the shaft seal renewal.  This preparatory work included the removal of the rope guard using a carbon arc gouging system.  By using this advanced technology to remove the rope guard, minimal prep work is required to reinstall the same rope guard since the cut line is clean and straight.  With the preparatory work being performed in advance of the actual repair, this minimized the required time needed to renew all of the affected propeller shaft seals.

DSC01708Upon the vessel’s arrival in Malta, Subsea Global Solutions’ team of expert diver / technicians dove into action.  The specialized flexible hyperbaric cofferdam, Transhab, was installed over the affected propeller shaft seal.  With the space properly de-watered and sheltered from the sea, a factory authorized and class approved renewal of the shaft seals took place.  All oil and water lip rings were removed, the seal housings were cleaned, liner was inspected and new oil and water lip rings were “vulcanized” using OEM approved jigs, glues and procedures.  With all the lip rings renewed the oil system was air tested, pressure tested and properly filled.  The water lip rings were assembled around the propeller shaft, air tested and pressure tested.  Subsea Global Solutions completed the job in Malta in less than 48 hours by re-installing the rope guard utilizing the groups class “A” wet welding procedures.  Diver / Welders coded to Subsea Global Solution’s class approved class “A” wet welding procedures performed the welding on this critical component.  By using coded underwater diver / welders to perform this weld repair ensures that at the conclusion of the repair there will be no notation from class on the rope guard weld repair performed.  The vessel departed Malta on time with a happy crew and happy passengers!

Subsea Global Solutions delivers unrivaled service to keep your vessels in service.  We remain the trusted service provider to the cruise industry in all ports of call around the world.  We always remain available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to support your needs.

Class “A” Wet Welding- When only the best will do-SGS delivers!

Subsea Global Solutions continues to invest in the development of personnel.  With a full time / fully employed work force of Diver / Technicians and 3 training facilities strategically situated around the Welding class 2world, Subsea Global Solutions is able to maintain a consistent workforce of best in class certified underwater wet Diver / Welders.  Subsea Global Solutions has pioneered the development and certification process of its wet welding procedures in order to achieve class “A” quality wet welds each and every time.   Subsea Global Solutions Diver / Welders are coded to this proprietary procedure in four positions with five classification societies- ABS, LR, DNV GL and BV.

An “A” class wet weld is the highest quality weld classification as outlined by the American Welding Societies’ (AWS) D3.6M: 2010 Underwater Welding Code; the current industry standard for wet and dry Hyperbaric welding.  Class “A “ welds have the comparable metallurgical properties to above Welding class 3water welds.  Most Diver / Welders are able to achieve AWS D3.6M: 2010 Class “B” wet welds- which can be used for less critical applications The final classification of AWS D3.6M: 2010 is an “O” class weld which must meet the requirements of a different code or standard (outside of AWS D3.6M), defined by the customer.  Delivering consistent wet welds that meet the same NDE and metallurgical properties, as an equivalent “Topside” weld requires highly skilled personnel, an advanced training curriculum and detailed procedures.  The same metallurgical properties mean that strength, hardness, ductility, elongation and other properties of the wet welded connection is equivalent to topside weld welded completely dry.

Welding class 4Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce that we have qualified an additional 8 diver / welders to this stringent code in various weld positions.  This brings our total count of coded “A” class wet welders to greater than 45 world wide with more and more to come.  Representatives from the following major classification societies witnessed qualification welding: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and Lloyd’s Register (LR).   Solutions is in our name and welding is our game, so let us apply these advanced welding alternatives to your vessels.  Adding more coded class “A” wet welding personnel to our game gives us the flexibility to deliver the unrivaled service you expect from the market leader in underwater ship repair and maintenance.

When the Anchor Swings the WRONG way…….

Parker - shell 2An incident occurred on a vessel transiting into the West Coast of the USA.  The anchor chain block failed causing the anchor to slip downward.  With the vessel steaming ahead to port, the swinging “projectile” with barbed points pierced the hull on multiple locations above and below the waterline as it slowly slipped into the sea.  With no other choice, the crew released the anchor to the sea causing it to be lost forever in the Pacific.  Once the vessel arrived on the West Coast of the USA, Subsea Global Solutions was called into action.

Parker - shell


With personnel and gear mobilized from our Los Angeles / Long Beach, USA office, Subsea Global Solutions assessed the extent of the damage above and below the water line.  Considering the work that was required at multiple elevations along the ship’s shell plating an atmospheric cofferdam was developed by the engineering department of Subsea Global Solutions and fabricated on site by Subsea Global Solutions’ diver / welders.

With the cofferdam properly fitted aParker - shell 3nd dewatered, a permanent repair could be executed in accordance with class requirements.   Properly engineered and fabricated insert plates were efficiently welded into place utilizing class approved welding techniques and coded topside welders.  Wasting no time and minimizing the delay to the vessel, Subsea Global Solutions and it’s local partners worked around the clock to return the vessel into service.

From initial inspection to final video, Subsea Global Solutions remained the clients trusted resource to deliver a fast, cost effective and quality repair.  We are your resource to maintain your vessels in service. Subsea Global Solutions remains ready to patch up the damage however it is caused!  Let us know what we can do to support you!


Studies and proven experience show that propellers fitted with Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF’s) contribute towards higher propeller efficiency and propulsion system performance. This means an immediate reduction in fuel consumption; generating an almost immediate payback for the equipment and installation cost for the PBCF’s. And let’s be honest now, everyone wants to save money right? The payback period for the investment is short and the upgrade can be performed completely underwater; typically in one 12-hour port stay.  With all of these benefits in mind one of our global customers is looking at changing the boss caps on as many of their vessels as possible.  Subsea Global Solutions remains the turn to company for delivering unrivaled service for this client performing this work typically during normal port stays without vessel itinerary interruption.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter searching for the right time frame in the vessels schedule, our Caribbean office was able to plan the installation of a PBCF at the Maintenance Anchorage of Aruba.   Aruba’s maintenance anchorage is a suitable location for vessel maintenance and repair but consideration of the weather and sea conditions is critical at this semi-sheltered location.  With all weather updates on hand, the Subsea Global Solutions team mobilized to the vessel.

The Subsea Global Solutions engineering department developed an in-water procedure for the installation of PBCF’s in a minimal 12-hour period. This procedure is consistent with the Original Equipment Manufacturers “dry” installation process while a vessel is in dry dock.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Except that the work is done completely underwater without any adjustments to the vessels draft.  Following this procedure, the existing propeller boss cap was removed and brought to the surface. Subsea Global Solutions diver / technicians then prepared the propeller for the installation of the new unit.  Once prepared, the team properly fit the new propeller boss cap with wake field stabilization fins.  Upon completion, the bolts were torqued to their proper specification and underwater epoxy was applied to fair in the bolt holes as required.

To make the stop even more cost effective for the client, Subsea Global Solutions performed a complete hull cleaning at the same time without delays. Both the cleaning and the propeller improvement delivered immediate results and gave the client the immediate pay back they were looking for. Developing underwater processes for efficiency improvements that conform to vessel’s schedules is what makes the Subsea Global Solutions the underwater service company of choice.  We focus on your vessel’s schedule and your specific needs. So who’s next?


We have many customers we serve through our underwater fuel management program and on request we maintain their vessels worldwide in ports that are convenient and cost effective for them. Off course when one of their vessels experience issues with a thruster we immediately react to this emergency with our expertise. This particular cruise ship experienced pitching problems with her thruster. In the cruise business the thrusters are a necessary maneuvering tool and used on a daily bases. This unit took 4 times as long to pitch and made it more and more difficult to get the cruise ship in position. The team of experts from Subsea Global Solutions were called together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to the Singapore Cruise Center to go on board the vessel to explore the problem.

Singapore 1The Subsea Global Solutions supervisor made a plan with the owner and OEM on site to install Subsea Global Solution’s flexible door system to create a dry, hyperbaric working environment. This approach would allow a proper investigation to the reason of the malfunction and allow the team to execute a dry OEM approved repair. With a fully set up dive station on our work boat at the bow of the vessel the crew had easy access and did not interfere with any dockside operations of the vessel. After completing the installation of the system, the thruster was set dry and on the inside of the vessel the ship’s crew removed the oil. The closer examination of the problem could begin. Almost immediately after testing the pitching of the thruster, the problem was determined to be in the OD Box. Although this was an unexpected issue the OEM on site was completely prepared and carried all spare parts to repair the defect. The Subsea Global Solutions crew and OEM technician worked closely together in dismantling and re-assembling the box.  By maintaining OEM trained and certified personnel, Subsea Global Solutions is able to provide OEM approved and warranted repairs.

Singapore 3The final test of pitching showed the required results and the unit was put back into service without any delays to the vessels schedule. Another repair well done by the diver / technicians of Subsea Global Solutions. The thruster tunnel was flooded with water, the door system removed, and the vessel was returned to service. Despite having to withstand heavy weather on the first day of the repair the Subsea Global Solutions crew could finalize and wrap up the job in the set time frame.

We serve our long time and new customers by being there whenever and how they need us. Whether it is regular maintenance or solving technical issues with our global network of underwater specialists our OEM trained and certified experts are there to make the impossible – possible EACH AND EVERY DAY! 

25 April 2013- Welding repairs to rectify Class notations- NO PROBLEM for SGS

Rope guard weldingAfter completing an in-water survey in Antwerp, Belgium, Subsea Global Solutions was called upon to perform various weld and other repair work on a vessel performing cargo operations.  The in-water survey found that work was required to the vessels Rudder, seal assembly, rope guard, sea chests, Bilge keel and Bow Thruster gratings.  With a limited amount of time available to the vessel, Subsea Global Solutions mobilized sufficient qualified diver / technicians and certified diver / welders to support around the clock operations via multiple dive stations on the vessel.

DSC03516The rudder had severe cavitation to the vertical weld seams in the way of the leading edges on the port and starboard sides.  This required that the damage be ground away until base metal was present.  The seams were re-welded and built up using the Subsea Global Solutions’ “A” class wet welding procedures.  With a full compliment of Diver / Welders, fully employed and coded to these “A” class wet welding procedures, the work was performed effectively and efficiently.  With the weld seams restored a two-component epoxy was applied to complete the work.

Once the weld seams were fully restored, the diver / welders working on the aft section of the vessel moved forward.  Damage was found to the vessel’s seal assembly.  Plugs were missing and damaged seal housings needed to be repaired.  Once the repairs were completed to the seal assembly, the team focused on the restoring the missing rope guard.  With a new rope guard fabricated, Subsea Global Solutions welded in the new rope guard with the “A” class wet welding procedures.

DSC03517 With the team repairing the defects on the aft section of the vessel fully engaged, an additional dive team was mobilized to the forward section of the vessel to repair the bow thruster grating, repair damage to the sea chest as well as repair damage to the starboard bilge keel.  Tears and damaged sections of the bilge keel required to be removed since they consisted of tears and linear defects.  Over 3 meters of damaged bilge keel needed to be removed restored with a smooth transition and coated with a 2-part epoxy to maintain these critical services once the vessel went back into service.

Subsea Global Solutions is focused on delivering unrivaled service.  We are the trusted resource that clients turn to to keep their vessels maintained while in the water.  We maintain the right people and equipment available to meet your needs when required.