Studies and proven experience show that propellers fitted with Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF’s) contribute towards higher propeller efficiency and propulsion system performance. This means an immediate reduction in fuel consumption; generating an almost immediate payback for the equipment and installation cost for the PBCF’s. And let’s be honest now, everyone wants to save money right? The payback period for the investment is short and the upgrade can be performed completely underwater; typically in one 12-hour port stay.  With all of these benefits in mind one of our global customers is looking at changing the boss caps on as many of their vessels as possible.  Subsea Global Solutions remains the turn to company for delivering unrivaled service for this client performing this work typically during normal port stays without vessel itinerary interruption.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter searching for the right time frame in the vessels schedule, our Caribbean office was able to plan the installation of a PBCF at the Maintenance Anchorage of Aruba.   Aruba’s maintenance anchorage is a suitable location for vessel maintenance and repair but consideration of the weather and sea conditions is critical at this semi-sheltered location.  With all weather updates on hand, the Subsea Global Solutions team mobilized to the vessel.

The Subsea Global Solutions engineering department developed an in-water procedure for the installation of PBCF’s in a minimal 12-hour period. This procedure is consistent with the Original Equipment Manufacturers “dry” installation process while a vessel is in dry dock.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Except that the work is done completely underwater without any adjustments to the vessels draft.  Following this procedure, the existing propeller boss cap was removed and brought to the surface. Subsea Global Solutions diver / technicians then prepared the propeller for the installation of the new unit.  Once prepared, the team properly fit the new propeller boss cap with wake field stabilization fins.  Upon completion, the bolts were torqued to their proper specification and underwater epoxy was applied to fair in the bolt holes as required.

To make the stop even more cost effective for the client, Subsea Global Solutions performed a complete hull cleaning at the same time without delays. Both the cleaning and the propeller improvement delivered immediate results and gave the client the immediate pay back they were looking for. Developing underwater processes for efficiency improvements that conform to vessel’s schedules is what makes the Subsea Global Solutions the underwater service company of choice.  We focus on your vessel’s schedule and your specific needs. So who’s next?

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