Propeller Polishing and Hull Cleaning- Europe, North America, Brazil and the Caribbean

SGSMIAMI-JUNE2014Subsea Global Solutions is driven in everything we do in and out of the water.  With this being said, we continue to grow our foot print with wholly owned assets and locations around the world.  In addition to setting up our own stations globally, we continue to invest in the development and testing of our equipment to ensure the highest quality of service with minimal to no impact to the most sensitive Hull Coatings.

SGS-Italy-01SGS-Spain-01As reported earlier, Subsea Global Solutions has grown it’s global foot print in the Caribbean (Trinidad), South America (Brazil) and Europe (Spain and Italy) over the past 12 months.  We have invested in the permanent stationing of world class equipment, staffing of full time employees and the incorporation of state of the art processes to ensure our clients can receive consistent and reliable service from the “One Source for Global Underwater Solutions” through our own wholly owned network of global locations.

IMG_5115Remaining on the fore front of the development of advanced techniques to improve our service,  Subsea Global Solutions has developed processes to improve propeller polishing and Hull Cleaning.  As reported earlier this year, Subsea Global Solutions developed a unique process to evaluate the propeller surface finish and apply a sequential polishing process to achieve a Super Polish on the propeller blades (4 times better than Rupert “A”).  Additionally, Subsea Global Solutions remains the only global underwater ship maintenance provider that is continuing to develop equipment and certify their equipment with the newly formulated Friction Release Coatings (FRC) being offered for ship’s hulls by major coating suppliers.  Subsea Global Solutions has successfully completed performance tests HC test in Spain- May 2014with Jotun and Hempel.  We are preparing tests with International Paint on their latest coatings to be introduced to the market.  Lastly, we are active in the market place educating port authorities, developing port specific procedures and gaining approval for underwater Propeller and Hull Maintenance in locations that were previously closed to service.

Subsea Global Solutions is your secret to on time and on budget vessel operations.  Let us apply our global foot print and highly skilled work force to your vessels so you can get the most out of your maintenance budget without it GOING UP THE STACK!

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