Propeller Straightening – June 2017

One morning in June, SGS Vancouver was contacted by a vessel in nearby Victoria, that was reporting excessive engine load and a significant shaft rate vibration. A dive team, including a Level III Propeller Service Engineer, were mobilized and onsite later that afternoon.

The initial inspection revealed that a large deflection in one trailing edge tip was the source of the engine loading and vibration. Our Propeller Service Engineer discussed repair options with the vessel’s Chief Engineer and Superintendent in the Far East. The client advised they would contact the propeller OEM to seek their advice, who in turn confirmed that SGS is their authorized underwater service provider, and that underwater straightening would indeed be their best option. The next morning, the repair was fully authorized and the vessel repositioned to Vancouver anchorage as it was the most cost effective location with suitable conditions for the repair.

Although our large press system was in Halifax, on the east coast of Canada completing another repair job for another client, we were able to expedite overnight service, delivering the press to our dive support barge by 0500 hrs one day after we completed the inspection. Within 6 hours of the works beginning (and less than 80 hours after the initial call), the job was completed to the satisfaction of the attending surveyor. The deflected section of the blade was restored to design geometry, along with a grinding and fairing repair of minor mechanical contact damage. Following a sea trial, the vessel’s Chief Engineer reported that all engine parameters and vibration levels had been restored to pre-damage values, and the vessel continued the voyage to Asia with a complete permanent propeller repair.

Deflected blade before straightening

Trailing edge after straightening

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