SGS Solutions for Offshore Installations

DSC02012Making the impossible possible is just what we do each and every day at Subsea Global Solutions.  Thinking about how to develop innovative solutions requires us to work professionally in and out of the water.  During the past months, Subsea Global Solutions has been very busy supporting Offshore installations around the world.

Our services have included technical in-situ repairs of Thrusters, the exchange of thrusters as well as the execution of shell plate repairs to vessel hull’s in remote locations around the world.  In-Water Surveys and maintenance services including Hull Cleaning have been performed as well to the highest standards.  Due to the high value of Offshore vessels, any off-hire time or delays coming on hire are a big deal.  This requires unique and thorough repair procedures and time lines to be developed so that any maintenance or repairs performed have minimal or NO impact on operations.

DCIM100GOPROSometimes there is not enough time or spare equipment available to execute a tunnel thruster exchange.  With this being the case Subsea Global Solutions has created innovative methods of in-tunnel repairs.  During a recent wet dock event tunnel thruster shaft seals were replaced on several tunnel thrusters while the vessel remained afloat.  Utilizing the Subsea Global Solutions flex door system, a dry hyperbaric environment was created in the thruster tunnel; thus allowing factory trained diver / technicians to execute a permanent repair to the tunnel thruster lower gear box.  While this critical work was being performed underwater, the vessel’s operator were able to execute other work and vessel outfitting with no impact to it’s return date back to service.

Demountable Azimuthing thrusterEfficiently exchanging azimuthing thrusters requires coordination, good communication and a detailed plan.  Being Driven in Everything we do, Subsea Global Solutions created a precise plan for the exchange of azimuthing thrusters in-shore utilizing rig mounted cranes and other equipment.  By working closely with the client and manufacturer of the azimuthing thruster, Subsea Global Solutions effectively changed one thruster every 12 hours.  Focusing on Safety everyday ensures that everyone completes the job just like they started.  An incident free service equates to a happy client!


Subsea Global Solutions is your one source for Global Underwater Solutions.  We understand that time is money in the marine industry and we are always ready to serve your vessels; anywhere any time!

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