Shaft Seal Replacement- Any time and Any Where

DSC02693While cruising the Mediterranean Sea a cruise vessel encountered excessive water leakage on one of its propulsion shaft seals.  Considering the severity of the situation, the client contacted Subsea Global Solutions to dive into action.  Maintaining specialized equipment in various locations throughout the world and maintaining fully certified diver / seal technicians on staff, a full compliment of qualified personnel and equipment was efficiently dispatched to the vessel.

Subsea Global Solutions’ operations team worked together with the vessel’s superintendent and operations staff to develop a time line for this repair to ensure the vessel would remain in service and NOT be delayed in any port of call.  This required Subsea Global Solutions to stage the gear prior to the vessels arrival.  Upon its arrival into a port in Italy, Subsea Global Solutions performed all of the preparatory work necessary to support the shaft seal renewal.  This preparatory work included the removal of the rope guard using a carbon arc gouging system.  By using this advanced technology to remove the rope guard, minimal prep work is required to reinstall the same rope guard since the cut line is clean and straight.  With the preparatory work being performed in advance of the actual repair, this minimized the required time needed to renew all of the affected propeller shaft seals.

DSC01708Upon the vessel’s arrival in Malta, Subsea Global Solutions’ team of expert diver / technicians dove into action.  The specialized flexible hyperbaric cofferdam, Transhab, was installed over the affected propeller shaft seal.  With the space properly de-watered and sheltered from the sea, a factory authorized and class approved renewal of the shaft seals took place.  All oil and water lip rings were removed, the seal housings were cleaned, liner was inspected and new oil and water lip rings were “vulcanized” using OEM approved jigs, glues and procedures.  With all the lip rings renewed the oil system was air tested, pressure tested and properly filled.  The water lip rings were assembled around the propeller shaft, air tested and pressure tested.  Subsea Global Solutions completed the job in Malta in less than 48 hours by re-installing the rope guard utilizing the groups class “A” wet welding procedures.  Diver / Welders coded to Subsea Global Solution’s class approved class “A” wet welding procedures performed the welding on this critical component.  By using coded underwater diver / welders to perform this weld repair ensures that at the conclusion of the repair there will be no notation from class on the rope guard weld repair performed.  The vessel departed Malta on time with a happy crew and happy passengers!

Subsea Global Solutions delivers unrivaled service to keep your vessels in service.  We remain the trusted service provider to the cruise industry in all ports of call around the world.  We always remain available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to support your needs.

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