Tunnel thruster out – Tunnel thruster in- All in a day’s work!

Carnival Magic-Aug 201325Subsea Global Solutions remains focused on delivering unrivaled service to its clients around the world.  When cruise vessels require underwater equipment maintenance and repair, our team of highly skilled diver / technicians dive into action to support their needs.  While keeping the vessel in service Subsea Global Solutions followed a detailed time line in order to exchange a damaged tunnel thruster lower gear box before the vessel reached a location requiring it’s use.

Carnival Magic-Aug 201334Working from the vessel’s shell lock door, Subsea Global Solutions set up the mobile dive station  and equipment while at sea one day prior to the start of operations.  Once in the first port of call, the diver technicians dove into action.  Preparatory operations began with the installation of load rated pad eyes at strategic locations along the ships hull and inside the thruster tunnel.  All Welding was done by coded “A” class wet welders under Subsea Global Solutions’ class approved wet welding procedure.  In parallel, other diver / welders began the weld installation process of rigging equipment for Subsea Global Solutions Flex door system.  The Flex door system allows our team to “dewater” the thruster tunnel and create a dry environment for underwater service.  In parallel to underwater operations, diver / technicians worked together with other contractors and the ship’s crew to rig the electrical motor off of the thruster motor foundation, prepare the tunnel thruster for underwater demounting and preliminarily installed the internal cofferdam “The Dome”.  With preparatory work completed, the extraction process began.

Carnival Magic-Aug 201332Subsea Global Solutions began the extraction process by gouging away the tunnel thruster stay plate utilizing a carbon arc gouging system.  In parallel, underwater and internal rigging was installed on the tunnel thruster lower gear box.  In the thruster room, the diver / technicians removed the thruster mounting bolts.  The stay plate was then completely cut and removed.    The thruster lower gear box was rigged away from the thruster tunnel.  A new exchange tunnel thruster was prepared by the OEM representative on site for installation by Subsea Global Solutions.  Shortly after the old thruster was extracted a new tunnel thruster was installed.  Welding immediately commenced on the tunnel thruster strut plate in the thruster tunnel using the “A” class wet welding process.  In parallel, the diver / technicians properly torqued the tunnel thruster bolts into place.  Next, the diver / technicians installed the flex door system for the installation of the tunnel thruster blades.  With all of the blades properly installed, the tunnel thruster pressure test and completely installed, the thruster stay plate was fully welded, the rigging pad eyes and flex door rigging system was extracted and the tunnel thruster was prepared for final testing and operation.

From start to finish, Subsea Global Solutions was the trusted resource for the vessel.  Ensuring the cruise vessel remained in service and on schedule keep the passengers focused on their vacation as opposed to the ship!  We appreciate the trust instilled with us by our dedicated and loyal customer base.  We remain standing by to support you, our clients, anywhere any time!

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