Tunnel thruster repairs in the tunnel- UNDERWATER DURING CARGO OPS!

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h36m24s149Tunnel thruster repairs performed in the tunnel while a vessel remains in service has become the norm as opposed to the exception.  With the volatility in the markets, container ship as well as Cruise and Ferry customers have driven Subsea Global Solutions to develop pioneering solutions to tunnel thruster repairs in a dry environment completely underwater without taking a vessel out of service.  This includes the development of in-water repair solutions as well as in-water exchange solutions for all types of tunnel thrusters.

During this past month, Subsea Global Solutions permanently repaired 5 tunnel thrusters on vessels globally.  These permanent repairs were performed in dry hyperbaric environments utilizing the Subsea Global Solutions flexible hyperbaric door system.

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h14m44s209Recently Subsea Global Solutions was contracted by an Original Equipment Manufacturer to perform in-service warranty repairs to several of their tunnel thrusters on a series of affected container ship vessels.  Warranty repairs that were performed to the tunnel thruster included upgrades to the pitch control system, blade sealing systems and blade bolts.  Due to the extensive amount of work that was required and to ensure the vessel schedule was not affected, Subsea Global Solution’s West Coast North America office performed the work around the clock with two qualified teams of diver technicians.

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h19m32s8While the vessel remained along side performing cargo operations Subsea Global Solutions performed these in-water warranty repairs.  Within hours of the vessel’s arrival into port, the tunnel thruster grating system was cut away to attain access to the affected thrusters.  Utilizing Subsea Global Solutions “A” class wet welding procedures, our coded welder divers installed load bearing attachment points to the thruster tunnel.  Once properly installed, the Flexible Door system developed by Subsea Global Solutions was installed.  The thruster tunnel was “de-watered” and the diver technicians entered the thruster tunnel to begin work.

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-11h55m53s65CPP Propeller blade seals, blade shim plate installations, OD box repairs and pitch control pipe modifications were performed during these underwater interventions.  All work was completed within the required time frame allowing the vessel to leave port on it’s normal schedule.

Once the work was completed, the units were fully tested and grates re-installed utilizing the “A” class underwater wet welding procedures.  With the use of coded welder divers together with the class approved procedure, permanent installation of these grates was attained.

Delivering unrivaled service in and out of the water is the cornerstone of our business.  Delivering this service in a cost effective way with certified personnel and procedures is our service promise to you our valued clients.  We look forward to supporting your services globally when required.

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