SSA Flexible cofferdamLast month Subsea Global Solutions was contacted by a ship owner since one of their vessels exhibited issues with pitching her bow thruster propeller. As we considerable experience solving these types of problems, the client made the call for us to dive into action. A team of experts from Subsea Global Solutions together with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) examined the problem in the most convenient harbour for the customer.

In the port of Livorno Italy all parties came together and quickly started to diagnose the problem with the tunnel thruster controllable pitch propeller.  Subsea Global Solutions installed its flexible door system to create a dry, hyperbaric working environment. This platform allows a thorough inspection to be performed in a dry climate controlled environment and allows the team to execute a dry OEM approved repair.  While Subsea Global Solutions was performing the outboard preparatory steps to set the thruster dry on the inboard of the vessel the ship’s crew removed the oil and blanked the thruster piping in accordance with the Subsea Global Solutions’ repair procedure.  The inspection revealed that metal particles were present at the bottom of the gearbox. In order to identify the cause of this, the OD box, pitch indicator and linkage were dismantled. Shortly it became obvious a loose and damage shaft extension needed to be replaced.  With new parts on hand, a successful installation of a new shaft extension was performed by the Subsea Global Solutions crew.  The results were found within limits and the repair was completed to the satisfaction of the attending OEM technician.

Singapore 1Keeping the vessel on schedule, the thruster filled with oil again, the tunnel flooded with water and the flexible door system removed. Subsea Global Solutions team of experts remained on site until the very last test of pitching showed the required results; ensuring that the vessel would go back into service without any issues.

Subsea Global Solutions, yet again, supported all activities from initial planning to releasing the lines and watching the vessel depart. We look forward to supporting your needs in the future.


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