Underwater Shaft Seal replacement- 3 seals in a week….

DSC02693No one likes a leaking shaft seal.  Neither the ship, the environment or the office is happy when this occurs!  Subsea Global Solutions has pioneered the methodology to performing a permanent replacement of shaft seals underwater in either a wet or dry environment.  By working closely with our OEM partners, Subsea Global Solutions sets the standard for shaft seal renewal while a vessel remains afloat and in service.  As seals design changes occur and OEM’s find more robust materials for the industry Subsea Global Solutions stays ahead of the competition by improving our process and procedures.

Last month, Subsea Global Solutions was busy executing three (3) shaft seal replacements in one week.  This involved three crews of professional diver / technicians mobilized to three locations on two continents on either side of the world.  By maintaining a full compliment of fully employed and factory certified diver / seal technicians on staff together with equipment strategically located around the world,  Subsea Global Solutions was able to mobilize quickly and deliver a factory warranted and class approved seal renewal in all of the cases.

Each case required careful planning and timely execution since all vessels remained in service and on very tight itineraries.  In all cases Subsea Global Solutions removed the rope guards using their carbon arc hydro-gouging system.  By surgically removing the welds attaching the rope guard to the stern tube, the rope guard can be easily reinstalled once the shaft seal exchange is completed.  With full access to the seal, the Diver / Technicians could assess the damage.

09 oil passage hole blocked - air testIn one seal exchange the flexible Hyperbaric cofferdam, Transhab was installed securely into place.  With precision and care the damaged seal lip rings were removed and reinstalled using a factory approved bonding process and bonding agent.  Once completed the Diver / Technicians performed quality control measurements and pressure tests to ensure a proper seal fit.  Upon completion of the seal renewal, the rope guard was welded back to the stern tube by coded welder  / divers.  Subsea Global Solutions maintains class approved “A” class wet welding procedures.  All welder / divers are coded to this procedure which ensures a top quality and class approved weld is executed on the rope guard.

New Picture (6)In another case, once the rope guard was removed giving full access to the face and seat on a specialized new generation face type seal.  Due to the critical nature of the face and seat materials, specialized training and certification was required from the seal manufacturer.  With Subsea Global Solutions maintaining certification with the OEM in this case, Diver / Technicians were able to perform the renewal completely wet utilizing an OEM and class approved procedure.  Without flooding the stern tube and controlling any oil release from the stern tube, the face and seat was renewed restoring the sealing capability of the shaft seal.  Upon completion of the seal renewal, the rope guard was welded back to the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstern tube by coded welder  / divers utilizing the class approved “A” class wet welding procedures.

From Australia to America and back  all in one week!  Subsea Global Solutions delivers unrivaled service day in and day out without fail!  We are here to serve you!


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