We got a leak!- Shaft Seal Emergency Repair- Dec 2016

Following a scheduled dry docking event a vessel departed from the shipyard only to discover that there was a leaking shaft seal.
With the vessel going directly into service an in-service repair solution was required in order to keep the vessel afloat.  The client and the Service Provider that initially performed the work in dry dock contacted Subsea Global Solutions to evaluate in-service repair options.  After an inspection was performed in the initial port of entry it was determined that the seal assembly would require an in-service inspection and repair.  Preparations were made to gain access to the seal assembly.  The rope guard was gouged away with Subsea Global Solutions’ specialized Hydro-gouging system.  This allowed the welder / divers to gouge away the weld and leave the base material intact thus allowing the rope guard to be easily installed after the work was completed.

While the vessel transited to its next port of call, Subsea Global Solutions mobilized their dive support vessel “She Devil” to meet the vessel for repair in the lower Caribbean.  Upon the arrival of the damaged vessel, the team immediately began the installation of  Subsea Global Solutions’ TransHab- Flexible Hyperbaric Cofferdam to create a dry environment around the seal assembly.  Once installed certified seal / Diver-Technicians entered the Cofferdam and quickly determined the problem with the seal assembly.  The seal rings were renewed through a certified bonding process and the system was reassembled.  After two (2) working shifts, no leaks were reported and the Transhab Flexible Cofferdam was removed from the vessel so that it could continue on its voyage.


The Delivery of Unrivaled Service is what makes Subsea Global Solutions the leading underwater service provider.  We remain available at any time to support your inspection, maintenance needs or emergency repair needs globally.  One call and that’s all!

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