When the Anchor Swings the WRONG way…….

Parker - shell 2An incident occurred on a vessel transiting into the West Coast of the USA.  The anchor chain block failed causing the anchor to slip downward.  With the vessel steaming ahead to port, the swinging “projectile” with barbed points pierced the hull on multiple locations above and below the waterline as it slowly slipped into the sea.  With no other choice, the crew released the anchor to the sea causing it to be lost forever in the Pacific.  Once the vessel arrived on the West Coast of the USA, Subsea Global Solutions was called into action.

Parker - shell


With personnel and gear mobilized from our Los Angeles / Long Beach, USA office, Subsea Global Solutions assessed the extent of the damage above and below the water line.  Considering the work that was required at multiple elevations along the ship’s shell plating an atmospheric cofferdam was developed by the engineering department of Subsea Global Solutions and fabricated on site by Subsea Global Solutions’ diver / welders.

With the cofferdam properly fitted aParker - shell 3nd dewatered, a permanent repair could be executed in accordance with class requirements.   Properly engineered and fabricated insert plates were efficiently welded into place utilizing class approved welding techniques and coded topside welders.  Wasting no time and minimizing the delay to the vessel, Subsea Global Solutions and it’s local partners worked around the clock to return the vessel into service.

From initial inspection to final video, Subsea Global Solutions remained the clients trusted resource to deliver a fast, cost effective and quality repair.  We are your resource to maintain your vessels in service. Subsea Global Solutions remains ready to patch up the damage however it is caused!  Let us know what we can do to support you!

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