Oil & Gas Services

Serving the global offshore industry, Subsea Global Solutions applies its already proven methods of repair to the high value vessels operated in this critical and vitally important market segment.

  • FPSOs
  • Drill Ships
  • Semi Submersibles
  • Pipe Laying vessels and Barges
  • Offshore Construction vessels
  • Anchor Handlers
  • Platform Supply Vessels

Focused on underwater repair and maintenance of propulsion equipment and vessel shell plating, Subsea Global Solutions provides its globally proven, OEM and classification society repair methods to any installation.

  • Tunnel Thrusters
  • Retractable Azimuthing Thrusters
  • Demountable Azimuthing Thrusters
  • Propellers

Permanent Shell plate repairs with dry and Class approved Wet Welding Jack up and tension leg repairs with "A" class wet welding processes Vetted and fully approved by most major oil and gas vessel operators, Subsea Global Solutions provides fully engineered solutions completely documented in industry standard formats to support expedited approvals by Health and Safety departments.

Unique buoyancy control solutions and state of the art rigging plans and equipment overhaul processes allow in-water overhauls and exchange of large azimuthing thrusters to performed without crane barges or expensive rigging equipment.